Dating and Bipolar Disorder: Rejected Because of Bipolar

When it comes to dating and bipolar disorder, have I got some stories for you! Today, I want to focus on getting rejected because I have bipolar disorder.

There have been several guys who have rejected me because I am diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder and open about it. Some go about it more subtly and others decide to voice their rejection in a much louder and condescending way. In this video, I share my dating experience and how I handle getting rejected because of my diagnosis.

The stigma instills so much fear within those of us who live with a mental health condition, that dating has become more of a hassle than an enjoyable experience. When I published my blog and came forward about my diagnosis of bipolar disorder, I was very guarded. I wanted to protect my vulnerability and was petrified of rejection based on my mental health condition. It was not until I started to acknowledge this fear that my attitude changed.

Part of living a good life with bipolar disorder is not allowing people's opinion of you to dictate how you feel about yourself. As I talked about in last week’s video (, confidence is key to living a good life with bipolar disorder.

Have you been rejected because you are diagnosed with bipolar disorder? How did you handle it? Please share your experience or do a response video and send it into See you next week! Hannah

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