Bipolar Disorder and Self Harm

Self-harm is not a symptom of bipolar disorder, but it is something that a lot of people with bipolar struggle with, including myself. Because of that, I’m sharing my experience with self-harm and bipolar disorder.

I’ve found that people have many misconceptions about self-harm, one being that when someone self-injures, it is with the intent of suicide. This is not always true. Many people, like myself, who have self-harmed do it as a way to release the emotional pain inside. Interestingly, after my diagnosis of bipolar 2 disorder and when I began treatment, I didn’t feel the need to self-harm anymore. For those of you who are struggling with bipolar disorder and self-harm, I encourage you to check out the Butterfly Project and the concept of coloring instead of cutting.

What is your experience with self-harm? Please share below or send a response video into! Thanks and I’ll see you next week. Hannah

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