The Tragedy of Meth Addiction

The Meth epidemic is bringing growing destruction to individuals, families and communities. You never use Meth 'just once'. If you are thinking of trying meth, just don't. It's simply not worth it. If you would like to get off meth, you can seek support and advice from organizations such as: Narcotics Anonymous Telephone (818) 773-9999 Please comment. Music: 'Adagio For Strings' Samuel Barber Quotes and statistics used in this video were taken from documentaries anti-drug websites. The pictures were taken from Google Images, and include some of the advertisments from the Montana Meth Project. This video also includes images from the 'Faces Of Meth' project. For more information: The Ice Age, 20/03/2006, Four Corners Documentary (Australia): A&E Intervention Cristy: