Are psychiatric medications to blame for mass shootings? Texas Governor Rick Perry’s remarks after the recent shootings in South Carolina seems to indicate that he thinks so. So, are psychiatric medications to blame for mass shootings or is there another reason? Keep reading »

What kinds of summer fun can you have in sobriety now that the hot weather is here? For many people, the thought of summer also brings romanticized notions of cold beers or getting closer to nature with the help of marijuana. After eight years clean and sober, I’ve learned that there is nothing I did while drinking that I can’t do in sobriety. Summer fun in sobriety is entirely possible. Keep reading »

Perfectionism and depression are common and I know this because my name’s Liz, and I’m a perfection-a-holic. I suspect that my unrelenting standards (mostly applied to myself) might be linked more than I care to admit to my long term depression. I suspect my perfectionism comes with my depression.

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This story of bipolar denial begins as all stories begin – with me thinking I was the Duchess of Windsor and seventy crates of sardines I’d forgotten I’d ordered showing up at my door. Obviously, something was wrong. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was denying bipolar disorder. Keep reading »

When you have binge eating disorder you always have to be careful about what medications your take due to the medication side effects and your binge eating disorder. Some medications can have an impact on your metabolism or your appetite. Some can exacerbate symptoms from comorbid disorders that you have. In the end, everyone should be careful of what pills they take and what these pills can do to their bodies. But binge eating disorder and medication side effects are even more critical to consider. Keep reading »

The alcohol addiction disease model is a divisive concept between those who see drinking as a choice and those who believe alcoholism relieves an individual of the willpower to resist alcohol. This is even a dividing line between  addiction recovery programs LifeRing and Alcoholics Anonymous. It has been my personal experience, that when active in my addiction, my actions did not align with my moral code. When drunk, I did things I have no recollection of deciding. Furthermore, I cannot count the number of times I have heard a recovering alcoholic say, “I always swore I would never ______, but I did that when I was drunk.” To me, this is evidence enough that after I take my first drink, the disease takes control of my brain and I lose any control or willpower I had against alcohol. My alcohol addiction is a disease. Keep reading »

Some people are anxious when starting a new relationship during mental illness recovery. They may wonder when they will be healthy enough to consider a new romantic relationship or even a first date. But there can be behavioral clues that tell you when its healthy for you to start a new relationship during mental illness recovery. I have experienced some of these during my recovery from various depressive episodes. Keep reading »

It’s the time of year for summer celebrations, and to fully enjoy them, we’d love to lower the party anxiety that frequently accompanies the fun. For a multitude of reasons, parties, gatherings, and celebrations can heighten anxiety. Whether it’s the dread that comes with the idea of having to come up with the right things to say, the fear of being judged, the forced interaction with strangers or acquaintances and family that you’re in conflict with, or more, summer celebrations can lead to intense party anxiety. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend the season in misery. Below are eight ways to lower party anxiety during summer celebrations. Keep reading »

You can change negative thoughts into positive self-talk, although it might take some work. Examples of positive self-talk can infiltrate the negative thoughts at war with your happiness. A couple weeks ago, I shared a technique of how to combat negative self-talk. Today, I want to use that technique again to show another example of how to create positive self-talk to change negative thoughts. Keep reading »

Should conversion therapy be banned? The controversial–and illegal for minors in some states–practice tries to change the sexual orientation of the patient. It’s also known as reparative therapy, and is often practiced by fundamentalist Christians. It is opposed by all reputable medical organizations, from the American Psychological Association (APA) to the American Academy of Pediatrics. There is considerable debate over whether or not it is abusive–one California court put a minor in foster care after her mother sent her to a dubious psychiatric facility in Utah to cure her lesbianism–which leads to a question: Should conversion therapy be banned? Keep reading »