I must admit, anxiety-related procrastination plays a part in my life. There are far too many days when I find it very hard to cope with the complicated, impossibly fast push and pull of life. I can feel as though the world is too big and frightening and all I want to do is focus on the tiny acts of nurturing that help me cope minute to minute: nursing a large cup of tea, taking a nap or hiding in the bathroom to get away from the feeling of eyes and supposed scrutiny all around. These things look and feel like procrastination due to my anxiety.

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Addiction Recovery 12-step programs have many benefits and are widely popular. However, 12-step programs also attract a lot of criticism. For me, the benefits far outweigh any drawbacks. Keep reading »

Current events cause anxiety. News of violence and strife, hate, political problems, and more can and do take a toll on our mental health. In many cases, these events are geographically distant from viewers and thus aren’t an immediate threat to life and wellbeing. Why, then, do current events cause anxiety? Further, what can we do when current events cause anxiety?  Keep reading »

When you have chronic depression or bipolar disorder, depression relapse seems inevitable and you need to know how to survive depression relapse. I’ve been in treatment for bipolar disorder for almost 12 years and I still struggle with these relapses. Here are some tips I gleaned recently on how to survive a depression relapse. Keep reading »

It’s important to realize that depression does not eliminate your basic needs. There are many mornings that I wake up in an uncontrollable rage with nothing to show for it but unwavering anger. In these instances of rage, my usual coping skills of painting, cooking, writing, or exercising do not work. They seem to require too much energy, effort, and thought. I find that my angry self wants only to sit in a tense position with clenched fists, mercilessly criticizing my messy brain. After sitting frozen in this furious position and mindset for a few hours, I fall deeply into a depressive state. I typically ignore my body at this point, skipping meals despite my growling stomach and refusing to use the restroom (Importance of Self-Care to Your Mental Health). But I’ve learned that depression does not eliminate your basic needs. Keep reading »

Disclosing a dissociative identity disorder (DID) diagnosis is a personal choice. There are many options regarding dos and don’ts of disclosure, and all of the pros and cons should be considered before making a decision. It is especially important to consider the risks of disclosing a DID diagnosis, and be prepared for any negative consequences that may come as a result of being open. Keep reading »

Pokemon Go can help with mental illness recovery. Unless you’ve been living under a Kabuto the past few weeks, you’re aware that Pokemon Go has gone viral (How a Video Game Gave Me My Life Back). But did you know Pokemon Go can help with mental illness recovery? Here are three ways Pokemon Go can help with mental illness recovery. Keep reading »

Stigma, as defined at dictionary.com is a mark of disgrace or infamy. Not all stigma is from others; sometimes stigma comes from within. When a person is ashamed because they have a mental illness of just about any kind, often because of negative opinions of others, they may try to hide their problem and not seek proper treatment. This effect is known as self-stigma and can be a barrier to relationships, employment, and especially proper mental health treatment.

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It’s possible to reduce anxiety and guilt starting immediately. Last week’s post, Guilt: A Distressing Effect of Anxiety, explored guilt as an effect of anxiety and the vicious cycle created when anxiety increases guilt which, in turn, causes greater anxiety and then more guilt. Just because we feel guilty, however, doesn’t mean we have to accept it. The following suggestions can help you reduce anxiety and guilt now.  Keep reading »

Family vacations can make me feel like I’m losing my mind. I pack so many expectations into our annual, family vacation that I forget to be realistic about what I need, who my family is, and just how much togetherness we can endure. But this year, I’m dead-set on surviving our family vacation without losing my mind. Keep reading »