Planning ahead for mental illness during the holiday season is tough, but it is doable. I could almost feel the whisper of hypomania pulsing through my veins last weekend as my family and I rolled through the Starbucks drive-thru. I squealed with excitement as the green aprons passed me my steaming red cup. As I sipped my cup of eggnog and espresso, I couldn’t help but hope that my usual upswing was on its way. I look forward to my Christmas high–to actually feeling good–all year long. Christmas is so much fun. But is hypomania really a good thing for my family (Effects Of Bipolar On Family And Friends)? How can I navigate through my bipolar disorder to have a magical and peaceful holiday season? How can I plan ahead for my mental illness during the holidays? Keep reading »

Most of us need some holiday stress reduction tips at this time of the year. Let’s face it—the holidays are full of stress. If you have a mental illness the stress typically just intensifies so try to maintain your bliss with these holiday stress reduction tips. Keep reading »

Creativity can help you to build self-esteem, improve your mental health and boost your wellbeing. There are many ways that you can be creative and it doesn’t matter what you do. For example, it can be anything from writing, art, design, playing music, cooking, scrapbooking, pottery, cake decorating, knitting, sewing, woodworking, photography, gardening or dancing. Here are some reasons why it’s worth trying creativity to build self-esteem.  Keep reading »

How does one go about finding safe people for mental illness recovery? Recently I wrote about developing a safe place for mental illness recovery. A safe place is enhanced by safe people, either real or fictional. Safe people are vital to recovery from trauma and in therapy. So here are three safe people one should find for mental illness recovery. Keep reading »

Using mindfulness in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) recovery can be a lifesaver. One of the most difficult things about having PTSD is dealing with the PTSD symptoms — but mindfulness can help, even when triggered. There are a number of things that I know will trigger me, and I do my best to avoid those triggers. Some things sneak up on me, though, and I have to deal with the anxiety and fear that is caused by the fight or flight response my body has. One of the most effective ways I have found to get through those types of situations is by using mindfulness in my PTSD recovery.

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It is hard to feel motivated sometimes but you can feel motivated and confident with this dialectical behavior therapy skill, or DBT skill. Confidence can take a hit when we are feeling unmotivated and uninspired, leading to a bleak view about ourselves and the world we live in. Building mastery is a DBT skill that helps you feel a sense of confidence in control with your surroundings and within yourself. Essentially it means doing things that make you feel accomplished, whether getting better at something you already feel confident about or learning something new. It’s a great DBT skill to use when you want to feel more motivated and confident but just don’t know where to start.

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When mental health issues strike, it’s common for some people to notice changes in themselves from who they once were, but you can improve your mental health by contributing. You may have been a social butterfly before, the life of the party, or you may have always gone out of your way to help others. One thing is for sure — when you fall into a deep depression or find yourself anxious all the time, not only can you change as a person, but it’s almost impossible to take the focus off yourself and how bad you feel. What can you do to take some of your control back? What I want to share in this video could potentially be the starting point for pulling yourself out of your anxiety and/or depression. Here I talk about contributing to help improve your mental health. Keep reading »

I really love to talk about binge eating disorder support systems in my articles (A Support Network Is Vital For Eating Disorder Recovery). But what is a binge eating disorder support system and how can you form and maintain one? Unfortunately, there are no easy answers for these questions. However, I have a few tips to help you along your journey. Keep reading »

If you are living with anxiety, chances are you scoff at the idea of anxiety and character strengths. A particularly nasty effect of anxiety is self-doubt and sometimes self-hatred. Having any type of anxiety disorder often, over time, leads people to to believe that anxiety defines who they are. That’s an understandable thought given how overpowering anxiety can be, but it’s a faulty one. People living with anxiety have many character strengths that truly are part of who they are.  Keep reading »

Trusting and expressing your opinions as a person with anxiety can be tough. Plummeting self-esteem caused by an anxiety disorder can sometimes lead to us conforming a little more rigidly than we would like to. Growing up, I was too awkwardly self aware to express a single opinion that might have rubbed slightly against the grain. Anxiety robs you of that luxuriant arrogance of youth and continually makes you question the validity of your opinions (Anxiety And Self-Doubt). My problems in trusting and expressing my opinions due to anxiety affect every aspect of my life.

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