Self-Harm, Scars and Some Stars

It’s been a while since I read a life-changing book. I mean, a book that keeps your mind going throughout the day and your emotions on edge. I read The Fault in Our Stars , by John Green, in less than two days and even though I’m a writer, I’m not a quick reader.

The book is about two teenagers with cancer who meet at a cancer support group and, you guessed it, begin talking. It may sound cliché, but the story is one that must be read. Even though I am a cancer survivor, you don’t have to have the disease to be able to relate to the idea of pain.

It may be different than self-injury pain, but it is pain all the same. Keep reading »

If physical health was truly the gold standard for living well, instead of just the perception, I would be the luckiest man in the world. In my adult life, I haven’t had the sniffles for more than a couple days. Frankly, my biggest physical flaw is that, as a redhead, my skin burns when I pass a beach-themed vacation poster.

Reality and perception are very different things. While my physical health can be defined as “pretty good for a middle aged guy,” my mental health is best described as “dude, where are your pants?”

I suffer from anxiety disorders. I used to be so bold as to say “an anxiety disorder,” but paranoia, general anxiety, panic attacks, and an ever present feeling of dread forced me to accept that one disorder just didn’t cover it.

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In April of 2002, I went on a date that ended with me being sexually assaulted. As the anniversary approaches, my symptoms of borderline personality disorder have increased. I’ve learned that I have to come to terms with what happened to me. Here are three insights I’ve had. Keep reading »

Parenting a mentally ill child is not easy, but it becomes more challenging when major life changes happen. Your child may overreact to small changes and much more so over big ones. Major life changes can include switching schools, moving or having a new sibling. How you present major life changes can drastically improve your child’s reaction to it. Here are some tips below to help you prepare a mentally ill child for a life change. Keep reading »

It is not my intention to make this blog post any form of commentary on religion itself, but as a part of an inter-faith family with Easter and Passover coming soon, I recently got to thinking of how religion’s restrictions on what we eat can impact someone in eating disorder recovery.  Keep reading »

Yes, it’s true. People with adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have friends. Well, maybe not all of us, because it’s certainly a possibility that one person with adult ADHD doesn’t have friends. So, let me re-start. Yes, it’s true. Many of us with adult ADHD have friends and we can totally use them to our advantage. That statement definitely sounds like I mean for us to abuse our friends, but wait, dear reader, and see what I mean. Keep reading »

Have you ever noticed how it’s only BAD news that gets the ratings? And the bad news is SO depressing! Missing Malaysia flight 370, Putin in Crimea, the Pistorius murder trial – and that isn’t even the worst of the crappy news.

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Surround yourself with positive energy. Good vibes translates into good moods and better health all around.~Unknown

When you enter your home does it evoke a feeling of harmony? Do you feel positive energy flowing through your home? What are you thinking, saying and doing to infuse positive energy in your home? Keep reading »

This is your wake-up call – literally. Running on too little sleep can have detrimental effects on your mind, body, and brain. For years we have known that sleep deprivation was bad for our mental and physical health and now more alarming research has linked lack of sleep to higher stress, low self-esteem, physical health issues, and even brain damage. Keep reading »

After months without a job, I have finally begun a new one that I am extremely excited about. I am working as a Family Worker helping families and children overcome their struggles with poverty and difficult home lives. This really is a dream job in my eyes.

Over the last few months, I had fallen into a deep depression. This depression was something I hadn’t felt since the days I struggled with cutting. Luckily, I didn’t turn to self-harm as a coping skill, but like all recovering self-harmers, the urge was there on a daily basis. Keep reading »