In this day and age, many people turn to the Internet for answers, including looking for answers on skin picking and self-harm on the Internet. If there are websites and articles that can give you the knowledge you are seeking, why not take advantage of it? It is very easy to grab a hold of answers with the click of the button and to be able to have this kind of power can be thrilling. However, it is important to make sure that the power you hold is positive when it comes to self-harm and skin picking on the Internet.

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Maintaining sobriety is much more than simply not drinking one day at a time. Certainly, that’s all most alcoholics can handle at first. But to be truly happy in sobriety, recovering alcoholics eventually have to work on developing emotional sobriety. One of the biggest culprits affecting my emotional sobriety is resentment towards others. I have also been warned that resentments often lead to addiciton relapse if not dealt with and resolved. Here I discuss managing sobriety expectations and resentments.  Keep reading »

There’s a popular conception in society about what eating disorders are and how they function. At best, these ideas are a piece of the puzzle, at worse, they’re totally inaccurate. So what does binge eating disorder look like and how do we treat people in society that have it? There is no one right answer to what binge eating disorder looks like and realising this will help with the second. Keep reading »

Posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is an anxiety disorder that develops as a result of a traumatic event. According to Dr. Aphrodite Matsakis, PTSD occurs in 2% of those exposed to an accident, 25 -33% of those exposed to a community disaster, 25% of those who experience traumatic death of a friend or loved one, 30% of Vietnam veterans, 65% of those assaulted, 84% of battered women, and 35-92% of rape victims. Flashbacks are a common symptom of PTSD. Here’s to use coping skills to fight the flashback symptom of PTSD. Keep reading »

Let’s face it, side effects happen to almost everyone who takes medication for bipolar disorder. Bipolar medication side effects can range from annoying, to painful, to downright intolerable. But how does one deal with bipolar medication side effects? Keep reading »

It’s easy to be ashamed of having low self-esteem. Low self-esteem is generally perceived as a weakness and it’s often stigmatized. Having low self-esteem is bad enough, but feeling ashamed can make it a lot worse. Shame may prevent you from speaking up, seeking the help you need and it can also be isolating. You may want to hide away from the world or avoid talking to others. However, you can improve your self-esteem when you stop feeling ashamed. Keep reading »

Recently, I remembered the time I was kicked off a mission trip to Mexico because of my “demonic influence” (depression). It’s a wound that has not yet fully healed, largely because it altered my career path (I was going to become a missionary until my diagnosis became a big red flag). Many christians believe three lies about mental illness. Keep reading »

When you are struggling with self-harm, it is very rare that when someone asks about a visible cut or burn, you will answer with the truth. There are the occasional few who will honestly answer that question and admit to their struggle without embarrassment or insecurity. While that kind of behavior does occur once in a while, more times than not people who self-harm use cover stories for self-harm scars. Keep reading »

You may be thinking, “Yeah right, it’s impossible control your emotions. If it was easy I would have done so years ago.” It’s not as hard as it seems. When you learn how to control your emotions your confidence improves tremendously. The truth is, emotions are intense and, at times, feel like they rule your life. When this happens, you have less self-control which leads to more impulsive and emotional decision making, depleting your confidence in the long run but you can learn how to control your emotions and feel confident. Keep reading »

When you have binge eating disorder, it can sometimes come with massive weight gain as a side effect. It seems pretty obvious that overeating can cause you to gain weight, but that’s not always the case and it should never be an assumption. But when it does happen, the reality of gaining weight quickly because of binge eating disorder can be very difficult to process and come to terms with. Keep reading »