When it comes to gun violence, mental illness is most of the time an assumed precursor for that violence — this stigma teaches fear. When mass shootings take place, especially in the U.S., the assailant typically is found to have been suffering from depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder – pretty much the staple mental illnesses that popular media knows. When that diagnosis isn’t present, the dig for it begins. News media heavily stigmatizes mental illnesses in this way which lead to fear and the assumption that all mental illnesses will lead to gun violence. Keep reading »

Getting better sleep is an important part of living a blissful life (Develop Good Sleep Habits). Today I’m going to share three ways to help you get better sleep. Keep reading »

Moms with mental illness, you need naptime during the summer. Your kids might be well over the napping stage. But as you plan your summer, consider cutting out a period of your day for naptime. Summer affords so many freedoms to families, but without a few built in rest-stops in the day, moms with mental illness can become very overwhelmed. Kids also become overstimulated in the sun and play. Everyone can benefit from a naptime this summer. Keep reading »

There are many things doctors won’t tell you about psychiatric medications, but I’m going to focus on three. Recently, one of my readers left a comment detailing lies about psychiatric medications that resonated with me. She highlighted that psychiatric medications have many side effects, have withdrawal symptoms, and reminded me that psychiatric medications are expensive. So here are three things doctors won’t tell you about psychiatric medications. Keep reading »

When our eating pattern and eating disorder are exposed, there’s a connotation that something is broken, unsettled, or disordered. Disorder is a term that swims in a level of metaphorical darkness (Is Mental Illness Really an Invisible Disability?). No one wants to admit that they have a disorder. It’s much easier to say that we have strange eating patterns, or that we exercise intensely. No matter what level our eating, body image, or exercise patterns lie, if they’re causing us stress in any part of our lives, then they’ve become a problem. But the exposure of our eating patterns and eating disorder can be a good thing.   Keep reading »

Do people have the right to leave mental illness untreated? That is the question of the day. Now, I know some of you are offended by this and are likely saying, “Heck yeah! Of could people have the right not to treat a mental illness!” Well, let’s think about this for a minute. Maybe this doesn’t apply to all groups of people; maybe there are select groups of people who truly don’t have the right to untreated mental illness (Violence in Aurora: Untreated Mental Illness, Again?). Keep reading »

If you live with depression, you may be familiar with your inner critic who often speaks louder and much more negatively than your inner mentor. Here are some tips for how to quiet your inner critic, stop negative self-talk, and find peace. Keep reading »

Do you know how to afford mental health treatment? Recently a friend of mine became overwhelmed by her bills for mental health treatment. Desperate for money, she created a GoFundMe page. I was disturbed by this because no one should have to create a crowdfunding page to get treatment for mental illness. The sad thing is, she’s not the only person I know who has done this. It made me think about how to afford mental health treatment. Keep reading »

Crack cocaine and powder cocaine are treated very differently in public and political conversation. So what is the difference between crack cocaine and powder cocaine? They affect your body the same way, but the main difference lies in the method of use (Cocaine Effects, Cocaine Side Effects). Keep reading »

After a bad day (or year) it can be hard to raise your self-esteem and confidence but there are five ways to feel better fast. As you may know, there is no single event or experience that will make you a confident person or have high self-esteem, it’s a process. And even if you usually have pretty high self-esteem, life can make it difficult to sustain at times. Setbacks can sneak up on you and really hurt your sense of self. Nevertheless, try these five ways to feel better fast and raise your self-esteem. Keep reading »