Love Heals, Kindness Heals

“His Kindness Healed Me”

As often happens, I was brought to tears last night during a therapy session.

“When he asked me why I like him, I didn’t know how to put it into words.  All I could say was, ‘Your kindness healed me.’”

She began to lament that she couldn’t express her feelings. Her fear and self-doubt arose and she began to beat herself up at her lack of a good reply.

But I thought this was the sweetest compliment that I ever heard.

This couple, that I have been rooting for for a year (two kind, beautiful people with huge hearts, but who also suffer from desperately low self esteem due to past trauma) finally, finally let each other know they liked each other.  The kind of love that sits quietly but continues from afar through all of those months is something special indeed, especially with self-doubt against them.

They have a soul connection, if I have ever saw one.

Feeling Unworthy of Being Loved

For months, she told me that she could never do it.  That when she thought of telling him how she felt, she was overwhelmed by anxiety.

I knew he liked her, but not because I knew him and met him. I trusted her instincts better than she did.  Why wouldn’t I?  I have sat listening to her for almost two years as she recovered from a horrible abusive relationship and found her way as a single parent. And I have seen her be correct every time she assessed a situation.  She is always spot on. I had the distance to trust her that she didn’t have. Her anxiety got in the way.

Despite all of her negative self talk, there was some level that she knew he liked her.  But her second guessing was high and tormenting.  I knew a conversation would wipe it away and I had been encouraging her for months.

Even through her insecurities, his kindness gave her solace. It make her feel special and worthy.  This is exactly what she needed.

“I don’t think I will ever tell him. It is just not me.” She once told me.  This is a limiting belief if I ever heard one. It’s amazing how our beliefs run our lives.

But beliefs can change and this is what heals us.  She did talked to him and it made a huge difference.  She had the biggest smile on her face and some of her fears seemed to drain away.

Believing that someone could love us, that we are worthy of love, can change everything.

Kindness (Love) Heals Us on All Levels

Kindness and love heals us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

How would you feel if someone said your kindness healed them? Have you ever felt kindness healing you?

By Jodi Lobozzo Aman

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23 Responses to Love Heals, Kindness Heals

  1. nikky44 says:

    I think I don’t need to say how I loved this article:)
    I can’t remember how many times I have said “you’re so kind to me” because I know that is what makes the difference. Sometimes I also have self doubt, in fact more than sometimes, it is happening very often and i ask myself “does she really love me? what would make her love me?” and then i get confused by thinking whether i am loved or not because I can’t really know, but what is sure is that the kindness is there. Since I feel better although I am not sure that i am loved, it must be the kindness that is healing me. Yes, You kindness Jodi is healing me since the first contact October 26 2011.

  2. Ann Marie Camp says:

    I also came from an emtionally abusive marriage and am a single mom to two wonderful boys. I met a classmate at my 25 year reuinion and it’s been so hard because of the fear that we both have because of our past. We’ve dated since November 2011 and have not said the “L” word but his kindness has been knocking down my walls and giving me hope. Our relationship has been building slowly and I have never been treated so kindly before…he is such a sweetheart and it feels so good to laugh and have fun and feel special again. This blog hit home. Let sweetness prevail!!

  3. Tina Barbour says:

    I’ve learned that kindness is indeed healing. It’s different from just being nice. It’s from the heart.

  4. Dr Musli Ferati says:

    Undoubtly, the good and humane conduct of any person toward us has got improvemnt effect on our mental state, as basic factor of global welbeing:physical, psychologic, emotional, cognitive, professional and social functioning. But the prerequisite to this healing accomplishment is to be ready to accept the gratitude and honest intetntion of other, without any sense of unreliable and unbelieve. To achieve this healing providing of interpersonal relation it ought po posses a minimum social skill and/or to be able to know the emotion of others as well to perceive adequately oneself feelings. These life affinities in humene psychology are called as emional and social intelegensy.

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  8. farzana says:

    i love u someone
    miss u jan

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  10. Mahmoud says:

    This is a pretty noarml thing amongst all of us. As a matter of fact, many people suffer from this sort of thing (including myself). It’s just that some people can cope better than others. From what you’ve described, there’s no need to throw up the red flag to the extent that you have to go see a doctor. You do have social anxiety yes, but it’s not a disorder. People with social anxiety disorder have all these symptoms you’ve mentioned, but because it’s so extreme, it affects their daily routine and their ability to function noarmlly in everyday life. So no need for the doctors yet! I was extremly shy like you too, and I had social anxiety as well right before I went to college a few years ago. Here are some ways you can deal with this: 1) If you’re ever invited to an event, tell a trusted friend or a best friend of yorus to tag along with you. If he/she is outgoing, that’s a plus. Observe how he/she would approach a social setting.2) Talk to yoru friends about this issue. If you’re not comfortable talking on the phone, talk online (MSN, Facebook, etc). Or write an e-mail. That way, you can perhaps organize your thoughts much easier. 3) When you’re at a party, try to fascinate yourself with other people; ask them about themselves. Approach with a simple “Hello” and make small talk. I find that things get easier after that point. 4) If you do have a Facebook account, you can add friends and keep in touch with them. That’s the best way to get invites to parties other events, etc. That’s also a good opportunity to improve your social skills.5) Join a club. There are people with diverse interests.and 6) In college, there are usually gorups tailored to helping people cope with shyness. When you find that you’re still shy on the first few days of college, I urge you to check out for those types of groups. Go to like a counseling centre in yoru college and ask about them. Chances are they might have programs or groups or even clubs you can join with other shy people in them, I find that those thigns above have helped me quite a bit. But of course, no-one expects everything to work overnight, it takes a bit of time. But remember, everyone is in the same boat! It’s noarml! I wish you all the best! References : Personal experience.

  11. Frank Foster says:

    Love is the answer…and you know that for sure.

    Love is a flower…you gotta let it, you gotta let it grow…

    Your right Jodi, its the ripple effect. One smile can ripple through many and grow into grow into great love and healing.

    For example..The checkout lady smiles at the man, it lifts his heart…it inspires him to call his daughter and say sorry..which inspires her to call and make up with her friend.. I could go on but Im sure everyone gets the point.

    Truly awesome.

    Frank Foster
    Queensland, Australia

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  13. Christina says:

    This is beautiful. What I wouldn’t give for my mom to be able to have this happen for her.

    I know for me, the kindness and love my husband has for me is definitely what has helped me heal from years of emotional abuse from my father. His kindness has helped me to in turn be more kind to myself and my children.

    I also think that, though only tangential related, this is part of the reason why dogs are so helpful in healing. Their unconditional love and kindness to their people despite their faults is inspiring. I know I’ve felt that my dog, in addition to helping me to control my anxiety, has made me feel better about myself as a person.

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