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Welcome to the HealthyPlace mental health support community. Please take a moment to introduce yourself to everyone.

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Hi. My name is Mari Mickles. I was diagnosed with BPD six years ago when I was 40 years old. This past year of 2014, I found out I was never properly medicated. Therefore, I found myself self-districting and completely mentally disabled. I am very... Suffering in Silence
Sep-27-14 08:52:56
Last post by: marimickles
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Support forums for discussing ADHD in children. Topics include ADHD diagnosis, treatment of ADHD in children, parenting, school and behavior issues.

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Hi I was reading through post and came across. Yours my 5 yr old daughter is also diagnosed odd adhd and bipolar and is lashing out so angrily that I'm at my ropes end she starts a after school program in a week but I'm not sure if... Dealing with my 5 year old who has odd,adhd and bipolar disorder
Sep-10-14 16:50:53
Last post by: Katelynsmommy
Support forums for adults with ADHD. Topics include adult ADHD diagnosis, ADHD treatments, parenting, job and relationship issues.

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"Don't forget to breath, relax and remember that I love you." I closed my eyes as I felt pressure on my asshole, a region I had often fantasized about but never ventured. I could feel the cold lube as she rubbed the tip around my... My First Night of Submission by bdsm and erotic stories site
Sep-28-14 03:31:47
Last post by: jannati
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Support forums for discussing all aspects of alcoholism.

Adult Children of Alcoholics Forum Adult Children of Alcoholics Forum

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drinking can cause a man to lose the ability to achieve or maintain an erection. Drinking in the long term, on the other hand, can cause impotence due to the negative physical effects on the body from alcohol consumption. Alcohol and ED
Aug-19-14 05:28:04
Last post by: Basimelhabashy
Support forums for discussing all aspects of drug addiction.

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In our society drug addiction increasing more and more. Now it is one of the massive problems of our society. How to get ride of it? This is the very question around our society. No one knows that. addiction
Sep-25-14 05:04:38
Last post by: nasir017
Support forums for discussing all aspects of food addiction and managing overeating.

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Fast food addiction is not good because too much fast food is not good for health. We should try to eat natural food only for good health. Fast Food Addiction?
Today 05:14:29
Last post by: RevendMartin
Gambling addiction support forum for discussing all aspects of gambling addiction.

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Many gambling businesses that hire advertising agency find new ways out to promote themselves. Figure out where you must be advertising online, optimum time for launching advertising campaigns, and which platform will benefit your gambling or... Gambling Issues
Aug-31-14 00:28:15
Last post by: nazmahappy
Support forum for discussing all aspects of sexual addiction, including porn addiction.

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Even when she is aroused. While in some cases it can be a sign of a sexual dysfunction, most women simply need to try a different sexual position. Not all sexual positions give the same amount of pleasure, and different women may prefer having... Most Pleasurable Position for Women: That'll get her off Every Time!
Sep-25-14 06:00:59
Last post by: adoniadennis
Smoking cessation and nicotine addiction support forum for people struggling with trying to stop smoking and related issues.

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Electronic Cigarretes. Are these a substitute for cigarretes. Has anyone tried electronic cigarettes?
Today 00:27:38
Last post by: [email protected]
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Support forum for discussing alternative treatments for all mental health conditions, including herbal treatments, vitamins and supplements, alternative and complementary therapies.

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Yoga is best exercise that is good for not only physical health but also for mental health. With yoga we can maintain fitness and weight. Yoga provides freshness to the body and mind and keeps us away from depression and stress. Yoga for good health
Today 05:16:56
Last post by: RevendMartin
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Bipolar Disorder support forum for adults living with bipolar disorder. Discussion centers around bipolar symptoms, treatment of bipolar disorder, relationship issues, more.

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I have an adult daughter who is bipolar. It is really not possible to say how a bipolar person with react to what you do or say. No matter what your intentions are. Sometimes they won't even be able to consider what your intentions are.... Questions about a friend with Bipolar Disorder
Today 10:15:09
Last post by: poormichelle
Support forum for parents of bipolar children. Discussion focuses on bipolar symptoms in children, treatment of bipolar disorder, behavior management, parenting issues and more.

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Hello Marieann, I too am the mother of an adult bipolar female. She is 44 years old and was diagnosed about ten years ago. However, she denied being bipolar and was not on medication until about 2 years ago. Her condition is complicated by... Parent of bipolar adult daughter
Today 09:22:26
Last post by: poormichelle
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Depression support forum with discussion focusing on depression diagnosis, all depression treatments, living with depression and more. (No discussion of suicidal actions or intentions permitted)

Postpartum Depression Forum Postpartum Depression Forum

270 Topics

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I've had depression for 8 months and this is my second bout. Over the past 2-3 months I've been getting a lot better so much so that I've come off my therapy and my life has returned to nearly normal. I started seeing my girlfriend... Struggling and need advice
Today 06:36:10
Last post by: Ste2125
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Dissociative Disorders, DID support forum for discussing all issues related to Dissociative Disorders including Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID, aka Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD).

123 Topics

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Hi Malachi, I'm new here too. I'm Shadowboxcat. I think it's really interesting that you think you have two personalities, a soldier and a priest! I don't think that sounds “weird” at all! Anything is possible. I'm sorry... scared
Sep-25-14 14:49:30
Last post by: shadowboxcat
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Gender, GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) support forum for open discussion of sexual identity, coming out, relationships, health and mental health and other GLBT related issues.

26 Topics

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Hey everyone I lasered off my facial hair minus the upper lip part and the bottom ball part of my chin. I was just wondering what people see me as? I'm not a masculine person, but i don't think it means i'm trans or gay either?... What do people usually think when they see a guy with a lasered face?
Aug-28-14 10:10:45
Last post by: sgarrow
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Parenting support forum for discussion of parenting skills, parenting a child with a mental illness, parenting a special needs child, parents with mental illness, surviving parenthood and other parenting issues.

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hey there, Depression definitely in Pregnancy is caused due to hormonal changes. But you can take a step By Installing [url=]Air Purifier[/url] in the room. Well the benefits of air purifier is that , it... depression during pregnancy
Yesterday 23:57:43
Last post by: [email protected]
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Borderline Personality Disorder support forum for people with BPD or questions or concerns about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

65 Topics

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Hi my story may be quite different than most. I have been angry for a long time, all my life, but this BPD is maybe why I have been flying off the deep end with 2 divorces and have been abusive to my current wife. I am seeking treatment and my... New and looking for others with BPD
Sep-22-14 06:43:55
Last post by: Bahillier
Narcissistic Personality Disorder support forum for people with NPD or questions or concerns about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, narcissism or narcissists.

32 Topics

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[size=14][/size]She could not tell me how she would get to my house because she has only been to my house once in the ten months that I have lived there or because of her drinking and/or possible early signs of dementia? I was like, "really... My Narcissist Mother
Sep-19-14 20:10:38
Last post by: banjobilly
Personality Disorders support forum for people with Personality Disorders or questions or concerns about Personality Disorders.

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this are traits of narcissistic personality disorder my mom as this too she really chokes me emotionally very controlling stay away from herr I think my mom has a personality disorder
Sep-11-14 02:09:11
Last post by: namasteindia
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Support and discussion forum for people living with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder.

91 Topics

238 Replies

am I the only one to have a dream conversation, discussion, argument, that remains and continues in my head hours after waking up? simple question
Sep-24-14 17:35:06
Last post by: malachi1527
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Self-injury support and discussion about managing self-injurious behaviors, self-injury treatment and other self-harm issues.

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I have knives and I talk to people and that helps some but i really want to and the people I talk to are gone now that I'm locked out of my phone. skype zakid64 i really want to cut badly
Sep-21-14 19:46:52
Last post by: zakid64

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