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Welcome to the HealthyPlace mental health support community. Please take a moment to introduce yourself to everyone.

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Welcome here Diana. :) Hi I am Diana
Yesterday 09:56:52
Last post by: wackyme
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Emotional, psychological abuse support forums include discussions on verbal abuse and mental abuse.

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I would recommend seeing a therapist, they will be able to explain what his mental health issues are and give you a way of seeing what to do, as its difficult to do online when I can't see your and am not trained in recognizing what... My 26 year old son
Today 11:44:38
Last post by: gayesiyle
Physical abuse support forum for discussing issues related to child physical abuse, domestic violence, teen dating violence.

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If you will not tell it to any one (your relatives) so it will be big problem for you. You must say it to your relatives they will surely help you. what do i do?
Oct-29-14 10:50:28
Last post by: nehaprajapati
Sexual abuse support forums for sexual abuse survivors, including child sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault.

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Hello, My name is H. I am 23 year old. I was sexually abused from the age of 4 (earliest I can remember) to the age of 13 by two separate people. Neither of which knew that they both were doing it. I lived most of my teenage years completely... In need of support PLEASE
Oct-08-14 04:17:43
Last post by: hope1991
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Support forums for discussing ADHD in children. Topics include ADHD diagnosis, treatment of ADHD in children, parenting, school and behavior issues.

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hi ma'am i was your child minus ODD add in manic depressive and dyslexic (be glad did not get that u would be helping with english tho highschool ) this all depends on the kid i can tell u tricks that worked for me 1 as long as i... Dealing with my 5 year old who has odd,adhd and bipolar disorder
Oct-18-14 00:44:34
Last post by: Justugh
Support forums for adults with ADHD. Topics include adult ADHD diagnosis, ADHD treatments, parenting, job and relationship issues.

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Hi im new to this forum and wanted to ask I was just recently diagnosed with adhd with scitzoid and border personality disorder traits. Can anyone explain to me what they mean by traits? I understand what each of these disorders are but iv never... Newly diagnosed
Yesterday 10:28:51
Last post by: banecarnage1234
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Support forums for discussing all aspects of alcoholism.

Adult Children of Alcoholics Forum Adult Children of Alcoholics Forum

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Alcoholism has gray areas, but when you reach that point where drinking is affecting your life in an adverse way, you are going to know you have a problem. One major sign is you have an overwhelming need to drink. There is no way to win when you... alcoholism
Oct-21-14 07:22:07
Last post by: Lina001
Support forums for discussing all aspects of drug addiction.

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So how can you convince an addict to go for that treatment? What if detoxification is not enough for recovery of a substance addict? What should be the other solution for that problem? addiction
Oct-15-14 01:31:22
Last post by: martyreedy
Support forums for discussing all aspects of food addiction and managing overeating.

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It's not a hard situation all you have to is motivate yourself and watch/read some healthy tips to reduce your eating problem. To have to set rules for your eating to reach your goal. But consult to the doctor first. Eatingjust to eat
Oct-14-14 23:55:36
Last post by: martyreedy
Gambling addiction support forum for discussing all aspects of gambling addiction.

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hi, ccekosh I think you need to tell the truth to your husband what is really happening in your gambling issues because when he knew it and came from other people he be very upset and disappointed to you. Gambling Issues
Oct-10-14 04:18:22
Last post by: martyreedy
Support forum for discussing all aspects of sexual addiction, including porn addiction.

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What your so called friend did was wrong and criminal. You like most of us are simply looking for love. The first step for you is to love yourself first . Then you have to let yourself heal. Things that have helped me so far ? Reading . I am lucky... Casual sex
Oct-19-14 06:41:06
Last post by: Waynethomas
Smoking cessation and nicotine addiction support forum for people struggling with trying to stop smoking and related issues.

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i think it,s better to real cig i like it.. for ever and ever Has anyone tried electronic cigarettes?
Oct-28-14 06:37:14
Last post by: azanalikhan
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Support forum for discussing alternative treatments for all mental health conditions, including herbal treatments, vitamins and supplements, alternative and complementary therapies.

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I stopped taking xanax which I was on for 35 years and was put on lorazapam which had very bad effects. Was put back onto xanax and am now suffering from severe pain in my joints of my shoulders and very very bad depression. I dont know what to... Depression
Oct-27-14 10:11:00
Last post by: sutcharose
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Bipolar Disorder support forum for adults living with bipolar disorder. Discussion centers around bipolar symptoms, treatment of bipolar disorder, relationship issues, more.

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OMG Day 3 was ROUGH! I have no words for how raw I am today. :( :sob: :cry: [b]WorkhorseDVM,[/b] New Bipolar 1 mixed and OCD
Today 18:15:50
Last post by: WorkhorseDVM
Support forum for parents of bipolar children. Discussion focuses on bipolar symptoms in children, treatment of bipolar disorder, behavior management, parenting issues and more.

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I can certainly emphasize with you. I have s 44 year old bipolar daughter. She also has epilepsy and is an alcoholic. I was not aware that she an alcohol problem until about a year ago. About the same time my husband passed from cancer, my... Parent of bipolar adult daughter
Oct-27-14 07:15:56
Last post by: poormichelle
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Depression support forum with discussion focusing on depression diagnosis, all depression treatments, living with depression and more. (No discussion of suicidal actions or intentions permitted)

Postpartum Depression Forum Postpartum Depression Forum

274 Topics

1244 Replies

I have been diagnosed with depression for almost a year now, I am on Paxil and Welbutrin and to be honest I do not think it is helping. I have been seeing my doctor frequently chatting about things, but on my last appointment I said that it is not... Living in a Box
Oct-24-14 17:04:03
Last post by: RS_Canada
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Dissociative Disorders, DID support forum for discussing all issues related to Dissociative Disorders including Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID, aka Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD).

125 Topics

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Hi Kristen! It sounds like circumstantial memory loss which could be due to hypothyroidism. I recommend that you get your blood checked for that, specifically requesting that they look at the laboratory for the amount of T3 in your blood.... Feeling pretty scared
Oct-21-14 18:44:30
Last post by: ymestiquer
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Gender, GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) support forum for open discussion of sexual identity, coming out, relationships, health and mental health and other GLBT related issues.

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Hey everyone I lasered off my facial hair minus the upper lip part and the bottom ball part of my chin. I was just wondering what people see me as? I'm not a masculine person, but i don't think it means i'm trans or gay either?... What do people usually think when they see a guy with a lasered face?
Aug-28-14 10:10:45
Last post by: sgarrow
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Parenting support forum for discussion of parenting skills, parenting a child with a mental illness, parenting a special needs child, parents with mental illness, surviving parenthood and other parenting issues.

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i think you must keep her kids with you for sometime, You talk with your daughter no specialist will be better than you. my Daughter has effected our lives with her mental illness
Oct-28-14 00:07:04
Last post by: [email protected]
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Borderline Personality Disorder support forum for people with BPD or questions or concerns about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

68 Topics

308 Replies

Go to some meetup groups. Start going to events doing things u enjoy. Keep going back. Start talking to people and making friends. Have events lined up every night. Create spaces in your home that make u smile. Around your bed keep it clutter... Completely Done
Oct-28-14 19:31:46
Last post by: Dreams
Narcissistic Personality Disorder support forum for people with NPD or questions or concerns about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, narcissism or narcissists.

32 Topics

126 Replies

Hi, not sure if you're still following this forum but wanted to reply. I understand what you're going through as I'm in a similar situation. Nothing you do will appease your husbands family unfortunately, if they have NPD. After... Marriage in trouble over husband's NPD family
Oct-13-14 02:01:02
Last post by: redtulips
Personality Disorders support forum for people with Personality Disorders or questions or concerns about Personality Disorders.

8 Topics

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this are traits of narcissistic personality disorder my mom as this too she really chokes me emotionally very controlling stay away from herr I think my mom has a personality disorder
Sep-11-14 02:09:11
Last post by: namasteindia
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Self-injury support and discussion about managing self-injurious behaviors, self-injury treatment and other self-harm issues.

129 Topics

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So I started doing this like yesterday, I had been having a particularly crappy day and I just took a razor blade and made a bunch of cuts in my arm, it hurt like hell but I kept doing it, idk why. Now I am like addicted to cutting myself and I... How to hide this
Oct-11-14 20:59:16
Last post by: forced

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