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Welcome to the HealthyPlace mental health support community. Please take a moment to introduce yourself to everyone.

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Hello. I'm a mother and working girl. I had a panic attack and it scared me. I was all alone in another state while I was homeless. I saw a man get out of a car that a woman was driving and walk into a casino in Reno, Nevada, holding a gun. I... Hello from USA
Yesterday 12:48:20
Last post by: barbarajf
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Emotional, psychological abuse support forums include discussions on verbal abuse and mental abuse.

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Congratulations on taking the giant step of getting out of an abusive relationship! It takes a lot of courage and strength. I want to recommend a book for you because I found it extremely inspiring. It's called Butterfly Tears and it tells... verbally abused
Sep-16-14 12:55:57
Last post by: EmpoweredGal
Physical abuse support forum for discussing issues related to child physical abuse, domestic violence, teen dating violence.

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Actually, whatever I think situation is the great helper. Situation says what should do. If you realize it's great otherwise go to experience for help. Thanks. my husband threatened to hit me infront of his friend
Sep-13-14 05:34:55
Last post by: mahabub
Sexual abuse support forums for sexual abuse survivors, including child sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault.

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Childhood abuse is great problem. If anyone feel this, should avoid this situation if possible And go to physicist discuss with open mind. S/he will suggest & prescribe the right way. Thanks. childhood abuse, as an adult
Sep-13-14 06:05:23
Last post by: mahabub
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Support forums for discussing ADHD in children. Topics include ADHD diagnosis, treatment of ADHD in children, parenting, school and behavior issues.

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Hi I was reading through post and came across. Yours my 5 yr old daughter is also diagnosed odd adhd and bipolar and is lashing out so angrily that I'm at my ropes end she starts a after school program in a week but I'm not sure if... Dealing with my 5 year old who has odd,adhd and bipolar disorder
Sep-10-14 16:50:53
Last post by: Katelynsmommy
Support forums for adults with ADHD. Topics include adult ADHD diagnosis, ADHD treatments, parenting, job and relationship issues.

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Your never to old to change (speaking as a 52 year old) ;-) hang in there. ADHD and Bipolar
Aug-18-14 16:09:35
Last post by: jimincfalls
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Support forums for discussing all aspects of alcoholism.

Adult Children of Alcoholics Forum Adult Children of Alcoholics Forum

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drinking can cause a man to lose the ability to achieve or maintain an erection. Drinking in the long term, on the other hand, can cause impotence due to the negative physical effects on the body from alcohol consumption. Alcohol and ED
Aug-19-14 05:28:04
Last post by: Basimelhabashy
Support forums for discussing all aspects of drug addiction.

24 Topics

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Rehab centers are more helpful to easily come out the drug problems. In these days, these centers are more popular at that same time more helpful. rehabb
Sep-06-14 01:54:13
Last post by: siltonmart
Support forums for discussing all aspects of food addiction and managing overeating.

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Well I personally think fast food is ok but if we eat it one time in a week. But if we eat is daily so it will create problem. Even I have checked one article over net here It says that... Fast Food Addiction?
Sep-14-14 06:06:11
Last post by: nehaprajapati
Gambling addiction support forum for discussing all aspects of gambling addiction.

6 Topics

22 Replies

Many gambling businesses that hire advertising agency find new ways out to promote themselves. Figure out where you must be advertising online, optimum time for launching advertising campaigns, and which platform will benefit your gambling or... Gambling Issues
Aug-31-14 00:28:15
Last post by: nazmahappy
Support forum for discussing all aspects of sexual addiction, including porn addiction.

15 Topics

49 Replies

Ok I'm really not sure about what to say... I want to start by saying that I am trying to examine why I make the choices I do... Any and all insight welcome and appreciated ... I look online and meet with random strange guys for sex... I... Casual sex
Aug-17-14 22:26:39
Last post by: Jelewa327
Smoking cessation and nicotine addiction support forum for people struggling with trying to stop smoking and related issues.

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Effects of smoking on the respiratory system The effects of tobacco smoke on the respiratory system include: Irritation of the trachea (windpipe) and larynx (voice box) Reduced lung function and breathlessness due to swelling and... Smoking and its effect on the immune system
Sep-15-14 06:52:30
Last post by: azanalikhan
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Support forum for discussing alternative treatments for all mental health conditions, including herbal treatments, vitamins and supplements, alternative and complementary therapies.

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126 Replies

Will Jiang, MLS was the Chief Patient and Family Librarian at NYSPI/Columbia Psychiatry for seven years, and he is a staunch patient advocate as well as someone who is a survivor of schizophrenia. His two best-selling books in English are his... Professional Psychiatric Librarian/Peer Writes About Mental Health
Sep-17-14 09:25:30
Last post by: justusmumo
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Bipolar Disorder support forum for adults living with bipolar disorder. Discussion centers around bipolar symptoms, treatment of bipolar disorder, relationship issues, more.

474 Topics

3394 Replies

I don't like to say that there is something "wrong" with me or you or anyone else. We are who we were made to be (by God or genetics) I do think you can find some relief probably with medications like Seroquel or the many other... Please help, id like your opinion.
Sep-17-14 07:30:21
Last post by: Saraishelafs
Support forum for parents of bipolar children. Discussion focuses on bipolar symptoms in children, treatment of bipolar disorder, behavior management, parenting issues and more.

14 Topics

23 Replies

Hi. My son is now 8 years old as well. He was diagnosed at the age of 5 as Bi-Polar and extreme ADHD. He is the sweetest, kindest, most loving kid I know. He is extremely intelligent. When he is on his medications, I have had people tell me they... I"m looking to hear more about living with a bipoar child
Jun-21-14 05:01:25
Last post by: LostSul
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Depression support forum with discussion focusing on depression diagnosis, all depression treatments, living with depression and more. (No discussion of suicidal actions or intentions permitted)

Postpartum Depression Forum Postpartum Depression Forum

265 Topics

1234 Replies

Self love is important. Im glad i found my husband who loves me for all of me. I used to be afraid to let someone love me, probably because i didnt love me... when i did let someone in who loves me it still took some time, but i found some self... Depression and relationships
Sep-08-14 18:09:58
Last post by: fiona viola
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Dissociative Disorders, DID support forum for discussing all issues related to Dissociative Disorders including Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID, aka Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD).

122 Topics

577 Replies

Hello I am new too. Good to meet you. You may have made a rod for your own back mentioning that you are a professional. :) Must be my one and only thick personality ( all the rest are highly intelligent) who is at the helm today ;) For this is... Newbie Here with DID
Sep-06-14 07:52:54
Last post by: courage
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Gender, GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) support forum for open discussion of sexual identity, coming out, relationships, health and mental health and other GLBT related issues.

27 Topics

46 Replies

I always wanted to know about Erase your Diabetes So after a google search I found I'd recommend it! Scientifically Erase your Diabetes
Sep-16-14 05:15:58
Last post by: earlenyram
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Parenting support forum for discussion of parenting skills, parenting a child with a mental illness, parenting a special needs child, parents with mental illness, surviving parenthood and other parenting issues.

32 Topics

69 Replies

I wrote a long response awhile ago, and just realized that it's not here, so I apologize! What I said, in effect, is that your son wants you to fight for him and be a strong role model. This is a very important time in life for him, and he... What to do?
Sep-13-14 14:13:46
Last post by: gayesiyle
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Borderline Personality Disorder support forum for people with BPD or questions or concerns about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

65 Topics

306 Replies

Hii, im peruvian and i have bdp as well. my english is not very good hahaha, but im looking forward to meet people that go through this illness so that i can get the understandingand support that i need. looking forward to hear from you New and looking for others with BPD
Sep-14-14 13:16:10
Last post by: fatimaescudero
Narcissistic Personality Disorder support forum for people with NPD or questions or concerns about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, narcissism or narcissists.

32 Topics

125 Replies

[size=14][/size]She could not tell me how she would get to my house because she has only been to my house once in the ten months that I have lived there or because of her drinking and/or possible early signs of dementia? I was like, "really... My Narcissist Mother
Sep-19-14 20:10:38
Last post by: banjobilly
Personality Disorders support forum for people with Personality Disorders or questions or concerns about Personality Disorders.

9 Topics

8 Replies

Hair loss in men and women common disease which come through living unhealthy life style.Study demonstrates that consuming undesirable eating regimen make real balding issue and intake smoking and alcohol also lead to sever hair loss problem. so... How to control hai fall
Sep-17-14 05:33:58
Last post by: john214571
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Self-injury support and discussion about managing self-injurious behaviors, self-injury treatment and other self-harm issues.

129 Topics

616 Replies

I have knives and I talk to people and that helps some but i really want to and the people I talk to are gone now that I'm locked out of my phone. skype zakid64 i really want to cut badly
Yesterday 19:46:52
Last post by: zakid64
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Support forum for open and honest discussion about sex, sexuality, sex problems and other sexual issues.

47 Topics

106 Replies

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 5 months now. I moved in with him almost 2 months ago. He refuses sex I stopped initiating it because im sick of being rejected. He says it's not me he's attracted to me but he's... boyfriend refuses sex
Sep-06-14 07:16:41
Last post by: kitkat22

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