Resisting Anxiety In Restaurants

Have you ever felt anxiety in a restaurant? Or avoided going out because you were afraid of having anxiety in a restaurant? You need to do it anyway (Exposure Therapy for Anxiety Disorders, Panic Attacks). This is the only way to get over it! Restaurants, then, become familiar and eventually can feel quite safe.

This transition can build your confidence and you will be free to try even more activities you used to think you were too anxious to do. Don’t let anxiety, panic, fear and worry keep you left out of life. We are here to enjoy ourselves! Grab a friend and go!

How to Deal with Anxiety in a Restaurant

Anxiety wants to tell you that it is hard, but resisting anxiety in a restaurant is easier than you think! Watch below.

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Tell me if you ever tried this! What happened?

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7 Responses to Resisting Anxiety In Restaurants

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  2. Jean Maurie says:

    I used to avoid restaurants because I had panic attacks. I gradually was able to go after I went to buffets where I didn’t have to sit and wait for my meal. Now that I am using EFT and tapping I have the tools to prevent or work through a panic situation. I wish I’d known about EFT 30 years ago when I was going through all the different therapies.

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  4. There are some people who are experiencing anxiety attacks in public places such as restaurants. This video that you have shared provides very helpful ways of dealing with this condition. Thanks for sharing.

  5. tayyab says:

    please solve my anxiety problem
    when i go to different places like resturants if some one offer me meal i feel anxiety ( i cannot eat atleast one byte ) and thought if i eat this i do vomitting etc

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