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How do you know if you need marriage or relationship therapy? Here are some signs you need professional relationship help.

What do you do when things aren't going well in your relationship? Have you just outgrown each other? Do you both need to act more mature and learn how to compromise? Or do you need professional help to make things right?

Common Relationship Issues

Difficulties in a first relationship: Very frequently, when people are in a first relationship, they believe it will go on forever. Often it feels very special and magical. So, even if you know that - statistically - first-love is unlikely to last, it can be a terrible blow when it doesn't. However, it's important to remember that if your first love ends, you can still treasure its memory for the rest of your life. Its experience will also help you move on and find something even better in the future.

In love or just loving: Maybe your problems are about the intensity of the relationship. The kind of change that happens after you've been in a relationship for a while is natural. But it can worry people. You may feel your relationship is no good just because you no longer get breathless at the very thought of your boy or girlfriend. But what you have to remember is that the first stages of being 'in love' are so intense that it's difficult to get on with real life at the same time! After a while, you're bound to want to concentrate on your job or to see your friends more. This doesn't mean that your relationship is passed its sell-by date unless there are other things wrong with it too.

First baby: Research shows that the most dangerous time for a relationship is around the time of a first baby. And that even if the relationship doesn't end for another 20 years, its troubles can usually be traced back to the months surrounding the first child's birth. This makes bleak reading, doesn't it? But of course loads of young parents stay happy and enjoy their babies. However, it's worth realizing that this is a difficult time and it's time to seek some help from a counselor or therapist before your problems get out of hand.

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Are you sure this isn't about sex? If what's going wrong is about sex, one of you finds it hurts, one wants it more than the other or one can't have an orgasm, you may want to consider sex therapy.