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A video on how to parent children with behavior problems. Help for parents on child behavior modification.

In this parenting video, parents can learn how to deal with challenging children; especially children who are labeled as disobedient, difficult or bad.

On the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show, we spoke with Child Psychologist and Parent Coach, Dr. Steven Richfield about:

  • How to assess whether your child has a serious behavior problem that require professional help.
  • Strategies for managing and overcoming difficult behavior in children.
  • Why it's important to change from being "parent cop" to "parent coach".

Watch the video for help with children with behavior problems right here

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Share Your Thoughts or Experiences About Parenting Children with Behavior Problems

We invite you to call us at 1-888-883-8045 and share your experience in dealing with behavior problems in children. How do you react to it? What parenting tools have you found to be effective? (Info on Sharing Your Mental Health Experiences here.)

About Dr. Steven Richfield, our guest on this parenting video

Steve  RichfieldDr. Steven Richfield has successfully worked with countless children and parents for over two decades, focusing his work as a child psychologist on child development, parent education, and the emotional problems of childhood. He has developed the concept of the "parent coach," publishing a book, coloring book, and an innovative set of Parent Coaching Cards. (Dr. Richfield addresses parenting and child behavior issues in parenting articles on

Visit Dr. Richfield's site The Parent Coach.

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