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  • Gullibility Gulag Psychology Today

    After a 7-year hiatus I ventured again into the free-wheeling fringe world of alternative discovery. This time, it was show-and-tell for a detachment of Russian knowledge workers. That had much to say about negative energy, and indeed, something did not[…]

  • Iron, Dopamine, and ADHD Psychology Today

    Iron, a common mineral (and, paradoxically, a common mineral deficiency in humans) is important to the brain and vital for normal brain development and human behavior. It is a key cofactor in the making of neurotransmitters, chemicals in the brain[…]

  • Misandry Again- Part 2 Psychology Today

    The strange thing about misandry is its rapid rise. Until the 1950s men were generally respected, I think.

  • Misandry Again Part 1 Psychology Today

    My earlier post, “Re-Thinking Misandry” (6 October 2010) generated considerable interest: some positive, some negative, some constructive, some remarkably obscene, and much of it debating male privilege vs female privilege: as in “Women and children first” and “At least you[…]

  • Feeling Like a Fraud? Psychology Today

    Here's one reason why.


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