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Binge eating disorder help comes from two places - from those around the overeater and from the overeater themselves. Knowing how to offer help for binge eating disorder is extremely important to the successful recovery from this troubling problem. Often those who love the binge eater feel pain in knowing that their loved one has binge eating disorder, but this pain can be alleviated through positive action and by offering binge eating support.

How to Offer Binge Eating Disorder Help

Loved ones play an important role in offering binge eating disorder help. Discover useful tools at HealthyPlace.Loved ones play an important role in offering binge eating disorder support. It is important to treat the binge eater with respect and care and understand they have a mental illness and need professional overeating help and not disgust, scorn or ridicule.

To offer binge eating disorder help, try these things.1

  • Educate yourself about binge eating and binge eating support.
    Most people have very common but very wrong perceptions about what overeating is, and this lack of knowledge affects the kind of overeating help they can offer. It's critical to learn the facts about binge eating disorder through the overeater's doctor, an eating disorder treatment center, a book or a web site. Overeating help can only be truly offered once binge eating disorder is understood.
  • Offer binge eating disorder help without judgment.
    Most binge eaters already judge themselves harshly for their binge eating behavior. They often feel shame and suffer from low self-esteem so the last thing they need is to experience judgment from those offering binge eating support. The binge eater needs a chance to express themselves, the process of recovery and their needs without fearing the overeating help will disappear.
  • Encourage positive behaviors.
    While those offering overeating help should never turn into the "food police," loved ones can offer binge eating support by purchasing, or not purchasing, specific foods likely to spark a binge. Good ways to offer binge eating support is to welcome the opening up of the overeater and by celebrating the overeater's achievements in stopping binge eating behavior. (read about the symptoms of binge eating disorder)

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