Start to live your purpose and choose your destiny now. Don’t let life just happen to you. When you truly believe that you control your life rather than life controlling you, then you are free to choose your destiny. But, many of us spend years living as if life just happens to us. We live on autopilot, going through the motions without examining if how we live is truly how we want to live, if who we are is who we want to be. Let’s talk about how to start to live your purpose Keep reading »

We all encounter struggles that can keep us from moving forward to bliss. Struggles can derail us from our goal of living a blissful life. But, if we keep moving forward towards bliss by taking care of ourselves despite our setbacks, we will eventually achieve bliss (10 Ways to Build Resilience). Keep reading »

If you practice appreciation you can increase life satisfaction. When you practice appreciation, you are acknowledging the worth and significance of someone or something. The act of appreciating enhances positive emotions (The Magic of Appreciation). So, if you want to improve your own emotional wellbeing and live a more blissful life, start practicing appreciation.  Keep reading »

If you want to improve your mental health, you should improve your physical health. You’ll be pleased to know there is a direct association between sleep, exercise, nutrition, and emotional health. Individually, chronic sleep loss, lack of physical activity, or eating poorly can exacerbate symptoms of anxiety and depression. So if you want to improve your mental health, you should improve your physical health, too. Keep reading »

There is a lack of connection between people in spite of the fact that unity over division can lead to a blissful life. There is a pervasive mentality of “us” versus “them.” Despite the fact that we know social connection makes us happier, we tend to dehumanize others. We pit ourselves against those who are different from us, acting apathetic at best and cruel at worst. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that indifference and cruelty are not traits that will help you live a blissful life. In fact, they may actually prevent it. To break down the walls we erect that keep us separate, we need to learn how to humanize others and foster unity over division to live blissfully.

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Trying to control what is out of your control just doesn’t work. I’m beginning to see a familiar pattern emerging in my behavior (6 Ways to Change Your Thoughts). My constant list-making (and checking off list items), my impatience, and my wanting other people to do things the way I want them done seem to be constant. These all stem from my desire to control various aspects of my life. In effect, I’m trying to control what is out of my control. Keep reading »

Happiness habits matter because living a blissful life, to some degree, is a choice. Choosing happiness habits matter to that choice. Even if you live with a chronic mental health disorder, you can choose to nurture practices that create happiness in your life. Make 2017 the year you kick start your happiness habit to build your bliss. Keep reading »

Personal growth can be achieved through self-reflection. As December wraps up, are you considering resolutions for the coming year? Before you resolve to change a habit, take time to engage in self-reflection, which is a valuable tool for personal growth. Keep reading »

Can you achieve bliss if you struggle with self-hatred and depression? I’ve been asking myself this question a lot lately because despite all of the positive things going on in my life, I still struggle with self-hatred and depression. How can I live a blissful life when I sometimes feel like my life isn’t worth living? Self-hatred and depression make living a blissful life difficult. Keep reading »

If you find yourself hating the holidays, don’t worry you are not alone in your hatred for this time of year (Ideas for Managing Depression Over the Holidays). The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is supposed to be warm, fuzzy, and happy but for many of us, it’s not. Many of us actually hate the holidays. Keep reading »