Trying to control what is out of your control just doesn’t work. I’m beginning to see a familiar pattern emerging in my behavior (6 Ways to Change Your Thoughts). My constant list-making (and checking off list items), my impatience, and my wanting other people to do things the way I want them done seem to be constant. These all stem from my desire to control various aspects of my life. In effect, I’m trying to control what is out of my control. Keep reading »

Happiness habits matter because living a blissful life, to some degree, is a choice. Choosing happiness habits matter to that choice. Even if you live with a chronic mental health disorder, you can choose to nurture practices that create happiness in your life. Make 2017 the year you kick start your happiness habit to build your bliss. Keep reading »

Personal growth can be achieved through self-reflection. As December wraps up, are you considering resolutions for the coming year? Before you resolve to change a habit, take time to engage in self-reflection, which is a valuable tool for personal growth. Keep reading »

Can you achieve bliss if you struggle with self-hatred and depression? I’ve been asking myself this question a lot lately because despite all of the positive things going on in my life, I still struggle with self-hatred and depression. How can I live a blissful life when I sometimes feel like my life isn’t worth living? Self-hatred and depression make living a blissful life difficult. Keep reading »

If you find yourself hating the holidays, don’t worry you are not alone in your hatred for this time of year (Ideas for Managing Depression Over the Holidays). The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is supposed to be warm, fuzzy, and happy but for many of us, it’s not. Many of us actually hate the holidays. Keep reading »

It’s the beginning of the holiday season, which is typically a time when we all do lots of giving, but sometimes not intentional giving. Mostly, that giving is related to shopping, buying things and spending money. But you can keep your spirit and wallet intact and make an even greater impact if you practice intentional giving throughout the holiday season. Keep reading »

The holidays are officially here and with them come the need for holiday stress management tips (Self-Help Stress Management). Here are a few holiday stress management tips that I use to maintain my blissful life. Keep reading »

Anger is an unavoidable, normal part of the human experience; learning to channel anger constructively is a process. Undoubtedly, you will get mad many times over the course of your lifetime. But you can channel your anger constructively and bring about meaningful change in upsetting situations.

Keep reading »

We live in a society that pushes us away from satisfaction. In fact, being satisfied can sometimes be seen as a weakness because there is always more to want. There is always more to which we can strive. But I feel like peace and bliss demand that we have a satisfied mind. I believe that peace and bliss demand that we find satisfaction in having exactly what we need—no more and no less. Having a satisfied mind could be the key to genuine peace.  Keep reading »

Fears keep us from reaching our fullest potential. Yet, if you can learn to befriend your fears, rather than giving in to them, you can feel empowered. Keep reading »