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Many people think Alzheimer's Disease is a mental illness. It's not! It's a brain disease, a physical medical condition that progresses over time and is fatal. As patients go through the various stages of Alzheimer's, the disease affects how they think, how they feel, how they behave.
"I can go from one end of the house and decide something I need at the other end of the house and unless I repeat it in my head or out loud, I forget." - Jim Ruppert, Alzheimer's patient

And while it is a medical condition, the symptoms of Alzheimer's produces psychological problems such as depression, anxiety and stress -- not only for the patient, but family members and caregivers too.

"The pressure of taking total care of my mother - everything from shopping to changing her diapers and keeping track of her - plus caring for my own family drove me into a downward spiral of depression." - Kathy, Alzheimer's caregiver

We have extensive information on the symptoms, causes and treatments of Alzheimer's, in addition to specialized information for Alzheimer's caregivers.

And if you're looking for an online Alzheimer's support group, we hope you'll join the Support Network (our social network). Connecting with others who have faced similar problems can be a great help as well as a source of comfort.

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