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Doubt is thought's despair; despair is personality's doubt. . .;
Doubt and despair . . . belong to completely different spheres; different sides of the soul are set in motion. . .
Despair is an expression of the total personality, doubt only of thought. -
Søren Kierkegaard

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1 a : uncertainty of belief or opinion that often interferes with decision-making
b : a deliberate suspension of judgment
2 : a state of affairs giving rise to uncertainty, hesitation, or suspense
3 a : a lack of confidence : DISTRUST
b : an inclination not to believe or accept

1 : to disturb the order of
2 : to disturb the regular or normal functions of

Definitions from
Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Here I will be placing contributed descriptions and stories from people living with OCD.

As this page grows, it will be very useful in helping those who care about us understand a little more about what it is like to have OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). It will also be useful for people who think they might have OCD or something to read a description that resonates with them.

It's an interesting exercise to try and write down what it is like to have an obsession. Go on give it a try and send me the results, which I will be glad to post either attributed or not - your call.

If you wish to contact one of the authors and their E-mail is not with their story, you may contact me and I will forward your message


"I'm not sure where to begin. It all began in 1997 when we moved. I had my first "attack" of anxiety. It came on so quickly I didn't even know what it was..."


" I wish I could do something. What's wrong with me anyhow? This is really nuts."


"I've never known life without OCD. From as far back as I can remember intrusive, unwanted thoughts and fears have plagued me."


"I think it was approx.1989 when I first experienced OCD behavior.I didn't recognize it as such but now, thinking back, it was OCD."


"The first genuine OCD experience that I can remember happened to me when I was about 6 years old. It happened one morning. . ."


"It's like you can't believe anything you tell yourself because you might be wrong. "


"My main disorder is checking things. I have made sure the drip coffee pot was off a couple thousand times, "


"My wife was terrified hearing all these things from me as well. Luckily, I went to a psychiatrist who diagnosed this problem correctly "


"My other obsession is with death. Everyday I am plagued with thoughts of death, that of loved ones and/or myself. "


"It began for me as lists. At any given time, I have 10 lists. I have a front page of the lists that I have in my list packet, and then I have the various lists."


"I couldn't sleep, couldn't go out of the house, etc. I went to him and went on a program of cognitive behavior therapy, medication and, very importantly, meditation. The meditation was key."


"My name is Fred and I have suffered with OCD as long as I can remember. It started when I was a little boy. I am 37 years old now and I have had relief for the past 6-7 years, after finally being diagnosed with the disorder."

Last Updated: 26 May 2013
Reviewed by Harry Croft, MD

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