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New PTSD Research Predicts Who Will End Up With PTSD

The theory: If we can develop models that predict the likelihood of a survivor developing symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) then we might be able to develop ways to prevent it.

In the ongoing search for answers, new PTSD research delivers interesting findings on who will end up with PTSD and one important cause of PTSD.

The Latest Research that Predicts Who Will Develop PTSD

The latest PTSD research was released from a four-year study of Marines. The results, applicable to civilians too, predict who will end up with PTSD.The latest PTSD research was recently released from a four-year study of Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton. Even if you’re a civilian, the results will apply to you. Take a listen…

Michele is the author of Your Life After Trauma: Powerful Practices to Reclaim Your IdentityConnect with her on Google+LinkedInFacebookTwitter and her website, HealMyPTSD.com.

4 thoughts on “New PTSD Research Predicts Who Will End Up With PTSD”

  1. Is post the development of post tramatic stress accomulative. I started hyperventaling in junior high school. Began to self medicate for hyperventilating at age 15. Two abusive marriages and marriage to a dysfunctional chronic liar. I was diagnosed with a dual/early alcoholism and PTSD. I self care by staying away from toxic people. This was working well until I became primary caretaker for my 26 year old daughter who has schizophrenia. I take one day at a time because I love her and I’m all she has. But I have dropped out of a lot of things due to emotional exhaustion.

    1. Joyce, are you seeing anyone to help you with your PTSD? It is understandable that you are exhausted. It is important that you take care of your emotional and physical self, especially if you are supporting your daughter through her illness. You will be the best help for her when you are taking care of yourself. I hope you both find recovery.

  2. I have been diagnosed withu PTSD, dissociative disorder, and have had several full blown seizures, where I physically seize, my whole body. Everytime this has happened I’ve lost 2-4 hours of time. I’ve each time been (I’ve been told, as I have no memory of the entire event, or am not aware of any specific precursor)..extremely frightened and not recognized my Mom and my sons and daughter. I’ve been told I have run away from my son a couple of houses over from mine, I have run away from my long-term boyfriend, who is very calm and safe. I have hurt myself badly I jumped off my porch bypassing the stairs and slid down my sidewalk in my night clothes..getting away from him and other adult men. I have no memory of these happenings at all. Ive either “come to in the ER confused, it takes me awhile to put it all together,,My last memory will be of going to bed, or talking to my son, and a friend, or just being at home doing regular things and then I’ve come out of it hearing my Mom tell me everything was ok, while I am scared and keeping a coffee table between us being terrified. she said I took a fighting stance shouting “don’t hurt me please don’t hurt me”…I’ve grabbed hairbrushes and pulled or tried to pull my daughter and my female friends into a back bedroom with me..I feel like a freak sometimes. Nothing medical has ever come up..Neurologist told me to eat, drink, and reduce my stress….Well ok then. I’m seeing a LCSW who I like very much. She says I’ve been traumatized through pretty violent home invasions where I had to run for my life, before that I was an abused woman, both physically, and emotionally, as well as minimalized, and I was raped by my children’s father. I will never give up..I don’t think, My children have lived through this with me. I led the home invader who chased me with a baseball bat away from my children and out the door…Instead of to them..Instinct..Ive suffered for years, as have my adult boys, and 14 yr. old daughter. However until recently it seemed hopeless for me to make a meaningful change of any permanence, I also have physical pain from 2 MVA I was involved in when my children were young. Three failed surgeries and countless medicines, physical therapy, later I’m learning to accept the truth that I will always be in pain,,also a Neurologist diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia..The basically positive person that I was..I did not put myself on the list of priorities…as a result I developed a profound and deep depression that I’m everyday fighting. I’m just tired. Tired of being scared, of being in pain constantly and of moving through the world seeing myself as weak and as a victim…I studied with one counselor the DBT techniques which still serve me well… MY question sorry so long is that I had a bad flashback I guess you would call it..I was visited by an associate of my children’s father who has been in and out of prison for 20 years mostly out.. this man threatened me and intimated that I would go to court against my ex, to help them get their money back…Boy it was a bad deal. I could actually feel the fight or flight hormones racing through my body.. I held it together until he left the second time..feeling victimized again and scared to death . What if it happened again? I physically held onto my file cabinets in my bedroom for what seemed like and eternity,,it came to me that my job was to tolerate the intense feelings or I didn’t know what would happen..I feel like I saved my own life that night by not checking out. I’ve never felt such strong surges of such a powerful drug adrenaline actually is…During my home invasion it saved my life. The other day, I knew I was safe in that moment. but my body recognized the fight or flight and it was ready…I don’t sleep well I check the doors and windows several times..and I’m always in the dark so no one can see in my house. I isolate to the point where I have no friends that live nearby and or no what to say to me…Heck I have a hard time understanding these feelings and emotions, and Memories. I don’t know what I need or don’t need..sometimes.Just know I’m SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SCARED ALL THE TIME. AND SETTLING FOR NO LIFE TO SPEAK OF OF MY OWN , I’M ON DISABILITY INCOME RIGHT NOW , SINCE i have never received child support, My ex kidnapped our oldest son when he was 2 years old he is now 24…I just want to show my children that I endured for them and because of my love for them. Thanks for listening to this long and winding story. I’m doing yoga a little bit, taking pristique, and ability…along with valuim as needed, vicodin as needed and adderrall for ADD which runs in my family and I guess I have. I do have a hard time focusing and getting started and finishing through which I hate, and My mom doesn’t understand…or no how to help,,If she would just not make me feel weak sometimes for not handling everything better. I want to live my life..Im 48 yrs. old and I’m encouraged when I hear of other survivors….Thanks once again.

  3. Michele – two key ideas I got from your little talk strike me as vitally important. One was implied, but I’ll state it overtly, because both research and clinical experience strongly support it:

    We can only handle a certain amount of stress. Let’s define what that is: aside from the physical responses we have to noxious stimuli (close to the original definition of stress developed by Dr. Hans Selye years ago), we usually have affective responses as well – feelings. When these feelings are also noxious, and they reach a certain level, we can no longer “digest” or assimilate them. It is at this precise point that we are at risk for posttraumatic stress.

    The clear implication: anyone with any – ANY – source of ongoing negative feelings needs to give serious attention to stress reduction, and specifically to reduction of the AMOUNT and LEVEL of noxious feelings they experience. You suggest breath work and mindfulness as ways to do this. I strongly agree, and I’ll add this one, too: exercise. Sustained moderate exercise not only promotes health, it leads to relaxation of the large muscles, and will ALWAYS reduce levels of noxious feeling.

    The second “big idea” you offer is a really good one as well: focus on just one thing, as a way of fighting back against stress. Just one thing. Then act. That will be enough not only to make a difference, but as you point out it acts to increase one’s sense of control, which is a Big Deal. This whole process initiates a compounding “positive feedback loop”, and changes the direction of your experience in a very healthy way.

    These interventions won’t fix the basic problem, where chronic sources of stress are involved, but they surely will reduce secondary effects, which can easily become the larger part of the problem.

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