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Reduce Morning Anxiety With These 5 Useful Tips

It's no fun waking up with anxiety in the morning, but there are some things you can do to reduce morning anxiety. Read this 5 tips to reduce morning anxiety.

When I feel guilty, scared, upset, or embarrassed about my morning anxiety, and when I give into the fear thinking that its too much to bear, my anxiety gets even worse and I am usually really sick all day long. Here are five useful tips to knock morning anxiety out of your morning routine.

Tips to Move Past Morning Anxiety

  1. Create an Attitude Adjustment
  2. Post Positive Affirmations
  3. Eat Something Soon After Waking
  4. Use Distractions
  5. Set Yourself Up for Success

1. Create an Attitude Adjustment Instead of Worrying About Morning Anxiety

When I accept that my body is doing its thing and that the uncomfortable feelings will eventually pass, the fear loses its power over me. When we give into fear, the more horrific it becomes. So if we dwell on anxiety and how upsetting it is, we make it into this really big deal which than in reality becomes a really big deal.

To fix the situation I know I have to change my attitude.  The night before I’ll tell myself I don’t need to get upset if I wake up with anxiety. In fact, I tell myself I should expect it to be there and stop worrying about whether it will come. I say, when I wake up and the anxiety hits I am going to tell myself that it’s okay that I feel this way, it’s not a big deal, and I can handle it. I CAN handle it! I can do whatever I need to throughout the day with the anxiety.

2. Post Positive Affirmations to Reprogram Your Mind

It's no fun waking up with anxiety in the morning, but there are some things you can do to minimize it. Read this 5 tips to reduce morning anxiety. This is so important I can’t stress it enough. It may sound silly but it seriously works! We have a lot of negative thoughts that swirl around so fast we may not even notice them. We have to reprogram our minds to think positively. To do this, I post positive affirmations all over the place! I post the one I mentioned above on my light on my nightstand so I see it as soon as I wake up.


This may be hard today, but I can handle it. I CAN handle it!

I read this to myself a few times taking in some deep breaths.

Insider Tip: If you really don’t believe in the affirmation but want to, put the phrase “I am learning” in it. So it would say “This may be hard today, but I am learning that I can handle it…”.

I’ll post other affirmations on my bathroom mirror, in my closet, etc. and I make a point of reading each one a few times. They all say something to help me feel better about the situation.

3. Eat Something Soon After Waking to Reduce Morning Anxiety Enhanced by Low Blood Sugar

To help with  low blood sugar, I like to eat very soon after waking up (Manage Morning Anxiety: 4 Yummy Healthy Breakfast Ideas). I have heard suggestions of leaving snacks on your nightstand to eat before getting out of bed. Eating soon after waking is not only good for your mental health, but it also gets your metabolism going which will help you lose weight.

4. Use Distractions to Reduce Morning Anxiety

I have a game on my phone that I use to help distract my thoughts. If you focus on the anxiety, it will magnify it. If you focus on something else, you will forget about it more easily. Try listening to your favorite music or paying attention to your children instead. Or try the tips in this post if you can’t distract yourself: You Want Me To Focus on Anxiety? Seriously?

5. Set Yourself Up for Success

Finally, small changes such as a relaxing alarm clock, slippers and a robe to dress into after waking up, dimmer switches on your lights, etc. will not alone eliminate anxiety but can help minimize it.

I have found if I follow these tips I can usually eliminate anxiety from my mornings within a few days to a week. I would love to hear of any other suggestions you have found that helps you with your morning anxiety.

This is part 2 in a 2 post series. You may be interested in reading part 1, Morning Anxiety 101: Symptoms and Causes.

27 thoughts on “Reduce Morning Anxiety With These 5 Useful Tips”

  1. Im am so glad i found this site knowing im not alone with my morning anxiety. Some of the comments helpful. I DONT EVEN GO ON HOLIDAY BECAUSE OF THE WAY I FEEL IN THE MORNING. TERRIBLE.

  2. I have awakened for years being fearful that my husband will pass as he’s battled cancers. I’m constantly afraid of finances and being alone since I’ve had other losses and I can’t support my overhead. The anxiety is overwhelming at times but really bad in the morning. It’s terrible. I take a low dose of clonopon and have for years but the more years that pass and the more I see him aging, the more fearful I become and I awaken each day with this. It’s horrible.

  3. Hay every one am new here I suffer panic disorder too I am having a ruff time every day I feel like am dying any one please let we talk

  4. Hi deborah,, i feel the same way too.. can u give me yout facebook name so we could chat or talk to each other about our expiriences..

  5. Nice try but this article adds to the stigma that if I just change my attitude my mental illness will go away. Missed a mark here for me.

    1. Seriously? It doesn’t say generalized anxiety disorder or panic disorder. It also doesn’t claim to cure these things, only to help.

  6. Hi,
    I never felt anxiety until now. A week ago, I went out with my husband and had vodka with redbull. I felt really, really sick the next day. I had nausea, vomit, diarrhea and general discomfort. The next few days I felt so sick I didn’t even leave the house.

    I went to the E.R. and they told me I had gastritis but now my symptoms are different. I wake up really early no matter how late I go to bed, I wake up feeling really cold and I can’t stop shaking. I feel butterflies or just like this tingly sensation all over. I can’t make myself go back to sleep, so I get up and I feel very nauseous. I don’t want to eat anything and I don’t want to take meds that affect me more. I don’t know what to do. I feel tired all the time and I fear going to bed at night to wake up like this.

    1. Angelica, How are you doing these days? You posted in 2010. Have you found relief? or do you still suffer? It is very sad to read how upset you were and I hope you are doing better now. Would love to hear how things went for you. I am dealing with my own anxiety. And starting to work with myself to alleviate my symptoms and hope to heal it. Just wondering if you found anything that worked for you. Your situation seems a bit different than my own as it seems that yours began after a ‘night out’. I am a holistic healing arts practitioner who is now a client making my way through. It is difficult to apply things to self without the support of someone like me in my life. Hope that makes sense. I know what works. Its just difficult getting myself there alone. I hope you are well. xo

      1. Hi E
        Hi E I am suffering with dreadful morning anxiety once again. I am on meds which obviously are not helping my situation any advice would be greatly appreciated

        1. How long have you been on medication? Contact me via facebook and I will try to help you out X Nara B-Eva (I have pink hair on my profile pic will be easy to find)

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