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Living with Narcissism, Dealing with a Narcissist – July 28

Living with Narcissism, Dealing with a Narcissist – July 28

Narcissism: An Inflated Sense of Self

It’s always a good idea to have some self-worth. We are often reminded of the old adage “you have to love yourself before you can love someone else.” While this is true for some, there are others in this world that can do without the second part of that cliché. For them, self-love and admiration is extreme and results in problematic and unhealthy relationships.

On Tuesday’s show, we will talk about narcissism and the disorders that stem from it in its excessive form. Dr. Harry Croft, Medical Director of Healthyplace.com, will help us understand why these narcissists are so self-involved and whether or not there is treatment out there to help. Plus learn how to identify the diagnostic warning signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and how to recognize a narcissist when you see one.

Our guest, Sam Vaknin, author of Malignant Self Love – Narcissism Revisited and contributor to Healthyplace.com, will take us through his personal journey as a self-proclaimed narcissist and tell us how it impacted his life. He will let us in on some secrets of a true narcissist and give us the information we need to deal with one. If you would like to read more about Sam Vaknin, narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder, visit his website on HealthyPlace.com.

Be sure to join us Tuesday as we examine the world of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The live show airs at a special time this week only: 10a PT, 12 noon CT, 1p ET. At Healthyplace.com, our purpose is to arm you with as much information as possible to help you tackle your mental health concerns.

If you, or someone you know is suffering with Narcissistic Personality Disorder or ha been victimized by a narcissist, feel free to write me at producer AT healthyplace.com. Sharing your story can be helpful to so many others going through the same thing.

See you Tuesday!

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Pain of Sexual Addiction – TV Show Recap

Pain of Sexual Addiction – TV Show Recap

While the term “sexual addiction” may not be accepted in the world of psychiatry, HealthyPlace.com Medical Director, Dr. Harry Croft, says it is very real and carries hefty consequences.

Dr. Croft, who is triple board-certified (Addiction Medicine, Sex Therapy, Adult Psychiatry), maintains that it’s a matter of semantics. “If you want to call it sexual addiction or sexual compulsion, the end results are the same,” he says.

“The definition of addiction applies no matter what the habit of choice may be. Any behavior that is chronic, compulsive, and carries negative consequences is considered an addiction. Make no mistake, sexual addiction does fit into these categories.”

“An addiction left un-helped is an addiction that will keep growing”
– Jonathan Daugherty

Sexual Addiction Can Destroy Your Life

Our guest, Jonathan Daugherty, was the definition of a sexual addict. For 13 years, Jonathan lived a secret life and stopped at nothing until he got his fix.

At the young age of 12, he recalls being introduced into the world of pornography by way of a Playboy magazine. That’s all it took for this young boy to begin searching for more. This led to excessive masturbation during middle school and high school, which later turned into something much more serious.

As he got older, Jonathan hoped getting married would resolve his addiction to sex. Little did he know it would end up tearing his life apart.

Addicted to Sex – Crossing the Lines

During the HealthyPlace TV Show, Jonathan discussed in great detail the power of his addiction and the great lengths he would go through to keep this secret life from everyone around him. He crossed lines and rationalized every step of the way. His addiction to sex took him from looking at JC Penney catalogs to soliciting prostitutes. He was at the point of no return. After countless indiscretions and thousands of dollars later, he confessed to his wife and got the help he needed.

Helping Others Recover From Sexual Addiction

Now, the founder of Be Broken Ministries, he commits his life to helping others who suffer with sexual addiction. Although Jonathan has come a long way from his days as a sexual addict, he confesses that he can’t do it alone. He credits his recovery to his counseling and group sessions, people in his life that hold him accountable, and of course, his wife. He is happy to report that after a 9-month separation, they have been back together for over 9 years.

Being Addicted to Sex is No Laughing Matter

Dr. Croft wants viewers to know that this addiction is severe. Don’t let the controversy surrounding the validity sexual addiction fool you. The pain and end results are real.

If you are engaging in illicit behavior such as countless one night stands, having affairs if you are married, soliciting prostitutes, or spending countless hours and dollars viewing internet porn, you should seek help before you spiral out of control. As Jonathan mentioned in his candid interview, it requires much more than just “saying no.”

If you think you might be struggling with this problem, take a minute to evaluate yourself with our online sexual addiction test. Together with Jonathan’s story, it could be just what you need to take that first step to freeing yourself and living a better life.

If you missed our show on the Pain of Sexual Addiction, you can watch it “on-demand”.

Next Tuesday on the HealthyPlace TV Show

Join us next Tuesday evening at 5:30 PT, 7:30 CT, 8:30 ET as we look into the fascinating world of Narcissism with our guest, Samuel Vaknin. If you have experience with this subject, either as a narcissist or someone who has been victimized by a narcissist, you’re welcome to drop me a comment or share your story at producer AT healthplace.com.

Remember, at Healthyplace.com, you’re never alone.

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Sexual Addiction – July 21

Sexual Addiction – July 21

Being an addict is difficult. The desire for drugs, alcohol or cigarettes can be so powerful that the need will disrupt the ability to lead a normal life.

Although addictions to these substances are awful, they seem to be accepted in society. Now take a minute to think about a different kind of addiction – sexual addiction. In a society that already views sex as taboo, how is sexual addiction looked upon?

Does Sexual Addiction Really Exist?

The belief that sexual addiction is a true addiction is often debated. On Tuesday’s show, we’ll explore this growing disorder and look at ways to recognize and heal from it (read Symptoms of Sexual Addiction).

Our guest, Jonathan Daugherty, will share how his life and belief system were challenged during a 13 year intense battle with sexual addiction. Despite being a married man, he continued to feed his sexual addiction; first by engaging in internet porn and ultimately by soliciting sex from prostitutes. Feeling alone and with nowhere to turn, Jonathan flirted with thoughts of suicide.

Fortunately, he’s been able to manage his addiction to sex and is now the founder of Be Broken ministries, an organization that that reaches out to men and women who are affected by sexual addiction.

Tune in Tuesday at 7:30 pm CST, 8:30 ET as Jonathan tells his story of surviving sexual addiction and how difficult the desire for sex is to manage on a daily basis. Our Medical Director, Dr. Harry Croft will also be on hand to discuss the causes of sexual addiction and various treatments for sexual addiction. He’ll also answer any questions you may have on this or any mental health topic. Watch the video on Sexual Addiction Recovery.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to share your story on sexual addiction, e-mail me at producer AT healthyplace.com. If you are concerned that you may be addicted to sex, take our online sexual addiction test for additional insight.

See you Tuesday! Watch the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show live on our site or “on-demand”.

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Child Suicide: How Does A Parent Survive – Recap

Child Suicide: How Does A Parent Survive – Recap

The topic of Tuesday’s show, Surviving the Suicide of a Child, was quite difficult, but we hope it may prevent the tragic loss of another life by suicide.

HealthyPlace.com Medical Director, Dr. Harry Croft, provided some reasons why children and teens might choose to commit suicide:
• Depression
• Loss of relationship
• Drug and alcohol abuse

While these are only a few of the many reasons out there, Dr. Croft concluded that the end result causes pain, suffering and guilt for those loved ones left behind. (Read Parents Surviving the Suicide of Their Child)

Suicide: A Personal Story

Our guest, Elaine, can attest to the reasons given by Dr. Croft. Her son Mark, chose to take his life 11 years ago when he was just 17. Between his unstable relationship with his biological father, trouble with this girlfriend, and moving around with family, life seemed to be too much for Mark to bear.

Elaine relived that fateful day and told us that Mark’s behavior did not seem the same. Looking back, she recounts how her son made an effort to spend quality family time…maybe a sign that he had already made that painful choice to commit suicide.

The Pain of Suicide for Those Left Behind

Even though it has been 11 years since she lost her son, the pain remains as if it were the day after. “An empty hole will always be in my heart,” laments Elaine.

She copes by helping others deal with their own loss and created a website, dedicated to the memory of her dear son, Mark. She now knows that life is too short to take for granted and hugs everyone she comes in contact with, not knowing if she will ever see them again.

Signs of Suicidal Thinking

Unfortunately for those suffering like Elaine and her family, it’s too late. To avoid this pain and premature loss, Dr. Croft suggested that parents look for these warning signs of suicidal thinking in their child:

• Depressed mood
• Not enjoying things anymore such as friends, TV, games, studying, etc.
• Change in sleep habits
• Change in appetite
• Change in ability to concentrate
• Feelings of guilt or worthlessness
• Decreased energy
• Talking about suicide

The last sign, talking about suicide, should be taken the most seriously. When your child experiences a loss such as breaking up with their boyfriend or girlfriend, the best thing you can do is talk them. Dr. Croft reminds us that parents carry a great deal of wisdom that should be shared with your child. Another important action is to empathize and acknowledge their pain. Sometimes brushing off the issue can result in tragedy and then its too late.

Watch the Show on “Surviving the Suicide of a Child”

Take a few minutes to watch the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV show “on-demand”. You can also find detailed information on suicide and suicide support here. At Healthyplace.com, we want to provide you with as much trusted information as possible to help you or your family members get through your difficult time.

Join us next Tuesday evening (5:30p PT, 7:30 CT, 8:30 ET) as we talk about sexual addiction. If you have a story to share, or you or someone you know is suffering from this disorder, you can contact me at producer AT healthyplace.com. I’d love to hear from you!

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Surviving the Suicide of a Child – July 7

Surviving the Suicide of a Child – July 7

Where do you turn? How do you cope when your child commits suicide?

The transformation from childhood into teenage years should be a memorable one. The progression from grade school to middle school, then to high school brings special moments such as school dances, track meets and new friends. However, some kids have different experiences. Pain from rejection, bullying, and disappointments consume some children and cause them to end their lives by committing suicide.

Suicide Prevention

While this is very extreme and quite tragic, there is a hopeful side. Most children or teens who commit suicide often suffer from a treatable disorder, such as depression (symptoms of depression in children).

On Tuesday’s HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show, we’ll delve into the subject of child suicide and how parents cope with the loss of their child.

Our guest, Elaine Davison, will take us through the story of losing her 17-year old son to suicide, and how she and her family are coping today without him. Join us as Elaine shares how her son dealt with rejection and disappointment in his life and how ultimately, he failed to get the necessary help and treatment that may have saved his life.

As always, HealthyPlace Medical Director, Dr. Harry Croft and our guest, Elaine, will be here to answer any questions you have on surviving this tragedy. We’ll also give you the warning signs of child depression and suicide to look out for in your own children. (There are also many articles available on HealthyPlace on child and teenage suicide.)

Send us your comments, stories, or concerns on this topic to producer AT healthyplace.com.

You can watch the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show live on our website every Tuesday evening at 5:30p PST, 7:30 CST, 8:30 EST. See you then.

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Living with OCD – TV Show Recap

Living with OCD – TV Show Recap

Living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can cause a sufferer a lot of agony. HealthyPlace.com Medical Director, Dr. Harry Croft, says OCD sufferers are paralyzed by unwanted thoughts, doubt, and fear. It’s these irrational thoughts, reports Dr. Croft, that cause repetitive actions such as checking, counting, or washing hands, just to bring them to what they feel is a “safe” place.

The true inspiration of Tuesday’s show was our guest, James Callner. He took us through his journey with OCD from the very beginning, at age 29. Now in his late fifties, he still suffers from OCD, but is proud to say that he lives in a high-functioning state.

Popcorn and Walking?

Two simple things in life that people normally enjoy and may also take for granted, but for James, they are reminders that OCD will not take over his life.

In his early years with the disorder, James found comfort in his psychiatrist who became his champion. He challenged James to take risks and to have trust. It was these two things that allowed James to participate in sharing popcorn out of the same bowl with friends; something an OCD sufferer would never think of doing. The fear of contamination was too much for him to handle, but he took a chance and had a small kernel of popcorn and chewed it very fast. To his surprise, he didn’t die! Taking risks made him feel good.

Although he has small victories, he still experiences anxiety and has trouble facing the day. When James is having one of those days and can’t get out of bed, the word “walk” comes to mind. That’s right, taking one step at a time, one foot in front of the other until you get to the place you need to be to start your day. He promises it will get better and you will eventually get faster at it.

During the show, James mentioned several different types of therapy that can help manage OCD symptoms. He found great success with his psychiatrist, medication and through a Codependents Anonymous 12-step program. For a more detailed look into his inspirational recovery, visit his website, Awareness Foundation: OCD and Related Disorders. As we mentioned on the show, you can view one of Mr. Callner’s films on OCD titled “The Risk” in HealthyPlace.com OCD Center.

If you missed the show, we encourage you to visit the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show homepage and click the “on-demand” button on the player to see the show in its entirety. You may just find a champion in James Callner.

See you next week when we discuss the tragedy of losing a child to suicide. If you or someone you know has experience with this terrible loss, we invite you to share your story, or e-mail your questions to me at producer@healthyplace.com

See you Tuesday night for our live show.

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