Anxiety, Panic, Phobia, OCD Conference Transcripts Table of Contents

  1. An Inside Look At Anxiety
    Guest: Samantha Schutz

  2. Anxiety and OCD Medications
    Guest: Carol Watkins, M.D.

  3. Anxiety Caregivers
    Guest: Ken Strong

  4. Anxiety Disorder Relapses
    Guest: Evelyn Goodman, Ph.D

  5. Attacking Anxiety and Depression
    Guest: Carolyn Dickman

  6. Conquering Your Panic, Anxiety, and Phobias
    Guest: Dr. Abbot Lee Granoff

  7. Food and Your Moods
    Guest: Dr. Kathleen DesMaisons

  8. Getting the Best Treatment For OCD
    Guest: Dr. Gerald Tarlow

  9. Help For Agoraphobia
    Guests: Dr. Paul Foxman

  10. Managing Your Anxiety
    Guest: Dr. David Carbonell

  11. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD Medications and Therapy
    Guest: Dr. Alan Peck

  12. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: How to Help Patients with OCD
    Guest: Dr. James Claiborn

  13. OCD and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
    Guest: Dr. Michael Gallo

  14. OCD: Getting Control of Your Obsessions and Compulsions
    Guest: Dr. Lee Baer

  15. Power Over Panic
    Guest: Bronwyn Fox

  16. PTSD Diagnosis and Treatment
    Guest: Dr. Darien Fenn

  17. Self-Help Stuff That Works
    Guest: Adam Khan

  18. Social Phobia, Social Anxiety
    Guest: Luann Linquist

  19. Thought Field Therapy
    Guests: Dr. Frank Patton and Phyllis

  20. What To Do About the Obsessions Part of OCD
    Guest: Dr. Michael Jenike

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Last Updated: 29 March 2017

Reviewed by Harry Croft, MD

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