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Mood Swings, The Moon and BPD

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What correlation do you see between mood swings and the moon in BPD patients? I was married to a woman for nearly 18 years. I noticed whenever the moon was full, she was very unpredictable and frequently huge fights would erupt between her and my son, or anyone else who didn't agree with her on any subject. Recently she divorced me. Sadly, as soon as she decided to get a divorce the fights nearly stopped, with the exception of whenever a full moon occurred.



Assuming it's not directly related to PMS it probably has some fluid based reason. Unlike fish we carry our sea water within us and are likely affected by the moon's gravity just like the tides. Obstetrical and emergency room nurses can relate to your comments.

While sometimes diuretics are necessary for PMS, it's just another stress induced symptom. I believe the BPD requires three treatments:

  1. chronic symptoms
  2. stress symptoms
  3. retraining the brain

Since borderlines are "allergic" to stress, it's vital they have safe and effective as needed medication for these times.

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