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Is Trileptal And Celexa A Good Combination For BPD?

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My 18 yr. old daughter has been diagnosed with BPD. She is currently taking Celexa and Trileptal. Is this a good combination? We have been dealing with this for over a year and the only improvement we see is that she hasn't tried to commit suicide again - tried twice last year!


I've only seen one patient do well with Trileptal, the rest do much better with plain Tegretol. It's also important to have the blood level in the upper normal range.

I'm not impressed with Celexa with the BPD. Some patients do well with it, but none do better than on Prozac. Prozac is far superior, likely because of it's effects on the brain's support cells (glial cells).

Additionally, borderlines tend to have many diagnoses and they all have to be treated for the individual to do well. My screening test may be of assistance here.


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