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Incompetent Doctors and Medications

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My daughter had herpes encephalitis at 20 months old, high fever for 3 weeks, focal seizures of the face, could not talk, walk. She miraculously survived. She went to Princeton U., but all was never really okay emotionally. She is dyslexic, and has ADD. She has been in Meninger Clinic for 7 weeks. She feels they cannot help her with "borderline tendencies". She has stopped drinking, still feels the need to self-injure, and is frightened that the "empty" feeling is going to make her start doing these things again. I faxed her all of Dr. Hellers internet info. I made an appointment for her to see Dr. Heller on Thursday. When she showed the internet info to her Menninger therapist he said the drugs Dr. Heller uses are dangerous and were not good (exactly what we were prepared to hear). However, they have her on Prozac, Klonopine, just took her off Ambien, and I'm not sure what else she takes. Nina has seen some really incompetent therapists throughout the years. One for example, stopped all her bipolar medications over the Christmas holidays, and she went through withdrawal at home not knowing how dangerous doing this outside of a hospital could be.

So we are frightened about trusting a new doctor, especially the drugs that will be prescribed. I would like to know what the procedure is as far as monitoring the drugs after the initial visit. Do we plan to stay in Florida for a while, how long? Could Doctor Heller recommend someone in the Philadelphia or NY area for her to work with up here, and where can she find Dialectical therapy?

Dr. Heller, where have you been? You have given us hope for the first time ever, we need to trust you, please take care of my sweet child.


I have no idea why they would say Prozac, Tegretol and as needed Haldol and Risperdal are dangerous. I'm sure they use Depakote for bipolar, and a study in the New England Journal of Medicine around 1991 showed that Depakote was more dangerous than Tegretol, had more side effects, and was less effective than Tegretol for complex partial seizures, which many of us believe are part of the BPD. Additionally, the use of chronic neuroleptics is potentially dangerous, and allowing the individual to self-mutilate is severely dangerous.

I'm feverishly working to find like minded individuals in the medical field across the country. The literature supports what I'm doing, and I know it works. If you do choose to see me and she's on Prozac the improvement should be very dramatic very quickly.


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