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Does ADHD Turn into BPD?

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I can't believe you classify ADD/ADHD as disorder that somehow, over time, can turn into BPD. ADD has to do with brain structure - as it is developed invitro, it is not a personality disorder.


ADHD doesn't 'turn into' BPD. ADHD is in no way a personality disorder. It's mostly genetic and in my opinion isn't a disease, but a genetic trait that has advantages in some environments and disadvantages in others. Those with ADHD are hunters in an accountants' world. They tend to be brilliant, clever, and creative. They are frequently charming as well.

The correlation of adolescent and adult ADHD with BPD is approximately 50/50. Untreated and undertreated ADHD can result is a great deal of emotional pain which can cause the BPD. There was a study in Italy last year that showed this as well. Being called lazy, stupid, airhead, etc., literally causes brain damage. So can trying hard and not succeeding despite obvious intelligence (usually proven in IQ tests). A recent study showed there is no difference in the brain between emotional and physical pain.


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