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BPD and Asperger's Syndrome

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  1. There seem to be similarities between BPD and Asperger's syndrome. What are the differences?
  2. Is there any empirical evidence suggesting a connection between the DPT childhood vaccine and adolescent traits of BPD?


I am not an expert on Asperger's and can only go by what the DSM IV and my major psych texts describe. Asperger's is a form of autism without learning disabilities. They are very withdrawn people.

Borderlines seem very, very different from what I read. The criteria, the symptoms, their presentation are completely different, although some Asperger's patients have temper problems. I encourage you to read the DSM IV criteria and you'll see the difference.

No data on DPT and BPD, however a severe reaction from DBT causing some brain injury could theoretically cause the BPD at puberty.


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