Adult ADHD and Medication - Missing...

What happens when you miss your doctor's appointment for an ADHD medication prescription? Elizabeth Prager explains that you either get lucky and they...

Can Adult ADHD Be Affected by Sunlig...

Is it possible that the extra light we get in spring and summer has an effect on our adult ADHD symptoms? Watch this adult ADHD blog by Elizabeth Prag...

ADDaboy! - Adventures in ADHD #6 - L...

He's back! And he brought his ADHD brain with him (along with really bad hair). Join Douglas as he muses about where on Earth he misplaced his glasses...

Cannabis Instead of Ritalin

Dr. Jensen on Countdown with Olbermann talks about the use of cannabis in kids with ADHD. She was a practicing Pediatrician in Ventura, California and...

ADHD & Depression in Teenage Girls

25% of teenage girls with ADHD are also depressed. Learn about how ADHD impacts females from childhood to adulthood, and through the hard teenage year...

ADHD and Creativity: George's Story

George is a 9 year-old diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome who loves exercising his creativity by playing guitar, and building model cities.

How to Live With Adult ADHD: Medicat...

Numerous medication treatment options are available for adults with ADHD including stimulants and anti-depressants.
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