'In Case of Spiritual Emergency' Catherine Lucas

'Xekora' natasha tr blog

Sudhamani Idamannel showed signs of altered conscousness from a very early age. Her family did not understand and punished her severely. They taunted her , saying she was mad.. her experience of worldly life was one of pain and suffering, led her to see the mundane world as a selfish place, where there was no truly selfess love. She sometimes fell into such deep meditative states that she became unconscious.didn't wash, eat sleep. kept alive by kindly neighbours.

After years of praying and meditating, devotional singing and ecstatic dancing in states of bliss, she heard a voice from within saying "thousands and thousands of people are steeped in misery. There is much for you to do. "

At age 22, she publicly manifested her Krishna consciousness, her skin turning dark blue, as it had been at her birth. Her family now veered between saying she had schizophrenia, or she was possessed by Krishna. Sometimes they were in awe, sometimes they abused her and used her as an unpaid servant. thousands came to recieve her healing, but some started a society 'Committeee to Stop Blind Beliefs' and there were two attempts on her life.

Her family banned her from the house, as she had disobeyed her eldest brother by continuing with public audiences, and she was made to sleep out in the courtyard. during this time,' Amma' was born, becoming one with the divine Mother, Devi.

Now Amma travels the world as a great Yogi, the 'Hugging Saint' giving healing to thousands .

In the case of Amma, the process of spiritual emegergency was left to unfold without interference by mental health services. In the West , there are glimmers of awakening,: eg. in the midst of 'crazy' 'racing thoughts' by Xekora (found on Natash Tracey blog ) says " I am a really rare type of human with special gifts'. But usually in the West, spiritual emergency is construed as pathology, the process halted by medication, nothing emerges and the individual stays stuck in a disabled state. of no use, and at great expense, to themselves and everyone else.

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