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Emotional, psychological abuse support forums include discussions on verbal abuse and mental abuse.

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Congratulations on taking the giant step of getting out of an abusive relationship! It takes a lot of courage and strength. I want to recommend a book for you because I found it extremely inspiring. It's called Butterfly Tears and it tells... verbally abused
Sep-16-14 12:55:57
Last post by: EmpoweredGal
Physical abuse support forum for discussing issues related to child physical abuse, domestic violence, teen dating violence.

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Actually, whatever I think situation is the great helper. Situation says what should do. If you realize it's great otherwise go to experience for help. Thanks. my husband threatened to hit me infront of his friend
Sep-13-14 05:34:55
Last post by: mahabub
Sexual abuse support forums for sexual abuse survivors, including child sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault.

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Childhood abuse is great problem. If anyone feel this, should avoid this situation if possible And go to physicist discuss with open mind. S/he will suggest & prescribe the right way. Thanks. childhood abuse, as an adult
Sep-13-14 06:05:23
Last post by: mahabub

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