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Emotional, psychological abuse support forums include discussions on verbal abuse and mental abuse.

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The best part about feeling wiped out like with a sore throat-is the understanding of that you are so fortunate to be as solid as you are ninety nine percent of the time! What is actually emotional abuse?
Nov-24-14 06:26:26
Last post by: healthcare35
Physical abuse support forum for discussing issues related to child physical abuse, domestic violence, teen dating violence.

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If you will not tell it to any one (your relatives) so it will be big problem for you. You must say it to your relatives they will surely help you. what do i do?
Oct-29-14 11:50:28
Last post by: nehaprajapati
Sexual abuse support forums for sexual abuse survivors, including child sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault.

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[size=36][/size] Need to get this of my chest.. Help? Rape
Yesterday 13:25:53
Last post by: Fleetwood

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