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Welcome to the HealthyPlace mental health support community. Please take a moment to introduce yourself to everyone.

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Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and anxiety. I was hospitalized and diagnosed with depression last Feb. Since then, I've been slowly emerging from a dense fog. My wife says I've been kinda out of it for the... Hey everyone. I'm new here...
Apr-22-14 23:31:24
Last post by: wounded healer
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Emotional, psychological abuse support forums include discussions on verbal abuse and mental abuse.

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Since Jan 19, 2014, I have been free of my abuser. The freedom is refreshing and my experience has led me to a lot of research. Do you realize we fall into the post traumatic syndrome category? The books and other research substantiate that... building strength to leave
Apr-18-14 13:45:56
Last post by: lifecoach
Physical abuse support forum for discussing issues related to child physical abuse, domestic violence, teen dating violence.

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why Abuse
Mar-14-14 15:49:28
Last post by: anibee
Sexual abuse support forums for sexual abuse survivors, including child sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault.

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Thanks for the posts. I find myself still struggling with intimacy. I learned as a child to keep my feelings inside, and I can't seem to open up to even my husband. My husband just wants intimacy. I find myself so manipulative of the... Marital intimacy
Apr-14-14 22:49:00
Last post by: Lhambone
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Support forums for discussing ADHD in children. Topics include ADHD diagnosis, treatment of ADHD in children, parenting, school and behavior issues.

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Hello, I think you should consult the best specialist about this and hope you will get the effective advice. depression/add
Mar-01-14 00:28:18
Last post by: bodybyvi
Support forums for adults with ADHD. Topics include adult ADHD diagnosis, ADHD treatments, parenting, job and relationship issues.

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Hi I just found this site. I believe I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child. My mother told me the dr. thought I was having trouble concentrating and I was put on Ritalin. For the most part, I feel like I have found ways to overcome some of the... Misunderstood
Apr-16-14 14:01:18
Last post by: Mlamb
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Support forums for discussing all aspects of alcoholism.

Adult Children of Alcoholics Forum Adult Children of Alcoholics Forum

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Thanks Sheena , that's really nice article. I think it will surely help me to sort out my erection problems. Alcohol and ED
Apr-07-14 00:33:37
Last post by: GarrettHnatiuk
Support forums for discussing all aspects of drug addiction.

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Rehab is great for a number of reasons. It gets you out of your environment (which it sounds like you need!) and helps you deal with the physical withdrawal. It also helps you get to the root cause of your addiction and gives you tools to help... rehabb
Mar-25-14 13:43:45
Last post by: Jamie514
Support forums for discussing all aspects of food addiction and managing overeating.

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Keep yourself active and do the things which you love like listen to music or play sports. Be determined and spend at least one to two hours exercising and meditation. I hope this will help you to keep yourself away from fast food. Fast Food Addiction?
Mar-24-14 06:57:50
Last post by: donaldma
Gambling addiction support forum for discussing all aspects of gambling addiction.

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Have you tell it to your husband? For you to be totally clean and feel free from it, you must tell it. He will understand you i'm sure. Good luck, and congrats. Gambling Issues
Jan-31-14 02:04:51
Last post by: Fames1930
Support forum for discussing all aspects of sexual addiction, including porn addiction.

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I'm only 15 and I have had no sexual contact with anyone but I crave it, I really want to have sex of some form with someone and I really need to know if this is normal!! Can someone please help me!! Am I normal?
Apr-20-14 15:17:11
Last post by: Wishinguponastar
Smoking cessation and nicotine addiction support forum for people struggling with trying to stop smoking and related issues.

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Proper and nutritious food will help also. What is healthy for the immune system?
Jan-31-14 03:29:51
Last post by: Fames1930
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Support forum for discussing alternative treatments for all mental health conditions, including herbal treatments, vitamins and supplements, alternative and complementary therapies.

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What's the benefit of doing mental health continuing education. From where i can do it ? What's the benefit of doing mental health continuing education.
Apr-07-14 04:06:13
Last post by: lukecoors
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Anxiety and panic attack, phobias support forum.

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Hello all, I am hoping someone may have advice or experience with a residential therapy center. I am looking to wean off of Klonopin as I feel worse today than I did 6 years ago when it started with just taking a Xanax as needed for anxiety - now... In-patient Rehab or Therapy center?
Yesterday 13:20:11
Last post by: gemamanda
OCD support forum for people living with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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[b]OnceUponATime123,[/b] when u make these keynote & powerpoint presentations do ur mom respond n a positive/negative way? New to this "admitting" thing.
Mar-09-14 17:10:55
Last post by: Shamika10684
PTSD support forums for discussing issues related to trauma, traumatic experiences, diagnosis and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

42 Topics

237 Replies

Looking for others that have lost an eye due to an accident PTSD
Mar-06-14 09:51:17
Last post by: Queenie2
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Bipolar Disorder support forum for adults living with bipolar disorder. Discussion centers around bipolar symptoms, treatment of bipolar disorder, relationship issues, more.

437 Topics

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Why do these meds make us gain weight?? And why when we feel so bad does food make us feel better? And depression sucks all the motivation to do anything about it!!! Sorry that my rant for the day. I got off seroquel and had weight loss surgery... weight gain and medication
Apr-16-14 12:40:42
Last post by: Susieinph
Support forum for parents of bipolar children. Discussion focuses on bipolar symptoms in children, treatment of bipolar disorder, behavior management, parenting issues and more.

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Hello Marieann. Me too. I'm new and have hope that this might help me. Cuz I don't know how long I can help "him" if I can't get any help for me. And hello momchildsister and Mariac too. Parent of bipolar adult daughter
Apr-12-14 17:12:43
Last post by: ChinaCat
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Depression support forum with discussion focusing on depression diagnosis, all depression treatments, living with depression and more. (No discussion of suicidal actions or intentions permitted)

Postpartum Depression Forum Postpartum Depression Forum

242 Topics

1197 Replies

I am thinking everybody is talking about me anywhere I go in my building as soon as I go into a room they stop talking as if I leave they start talking again I think my mental health nurse ,social worker are all talking about me behind my back... People talking about me
Apr-17-14 01:04:33
Last post by: Merylbear
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Dissociative Disorders, DID support forum for discussing all issues related to Dissociative Disorders including Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID, aka Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD).

112 Topics

555 Replies

[size=10][/size] have recently been diagnosed with DA after head trauma 15 months ago I am in country Australia and would like to know what other treatment options exist. Hypnotic Therapy has been suggested, but am hesitant.any advice is more that... Dissociative Amnesia
Today 02:10:59
Last post by: Miss Mocha
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Eating Disorders support forum for people living with anorexia and bulimia.

60 Topics

194 Replies

I can definitely relate to days of wanting to engage in ED behaviors, which is most days for me. I'm really ambivalent about recovery and the possibility of being happy, not just with my disordered eating, but also with my self-injury.... Anyone struggling with their eating disorder
Apr-01-14 08:58:31
Last post by: UsagiChan26
Binge Eating, Overeating support forum for people living with these issues.

9 Topics

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You can talk with me. Feel also what you feel.. high anxiety,grief and I'm overeating!
Feb-03-14 00:44:29
Last post by: Fames1930
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Gender, GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) support forum for open discussion of sexual identity, coming out, relationships, health and mental health and other GLBT related issues.

18 Topics

42 Replies

I'm sorry to hear you're not getting the support from the people around you. Maybe you can look for some lgbt groups near your area? Or maybe join a lbgt groupon Facebook or other social network? Bisexual, forced in the closet
Feb-03-14 17:50:36
Last post by: mariac
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Parenting support forum for discussion of parenting skills, parenting a child with a mental illness, parenting a special needs child, parents with mental illness, surviving parenthood and other parenting issues.

28 Topics

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Im a 43 year female and been seeing a 36 year old male ( he suffers with S.A.D. and struggles with his emotions ..been going out for a year everything’s has been great with the relationship, but we are an hour away from each other, we have been... boyfriend of a year has depression and s.a.d. wants to be single..for
Mar-13-14 09:20:57
Last post by: lonley21
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Borderline Personality Disorder support forum for people with BPD or questions or concerns about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

62 Topics

292 Replies

Hi everyone, First, I'm really thankful to be here and hopeful that I can receive, and eventually offer, help from others who understand BPD. I have run the gamut of mental health diagnoses, even as a young adult. Finally, following my... New and Seeking Help
Mar-28-14 10:23:56
Last post by: LovelyHealing
Narcissistic Personality Disorder support forum for people with NPD or questions or concerns about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, narcissism or narcissists.

26 Topics

124 Replies

[size=18][/size] yes Rodeorider I am in your world, my wife is your husbands twin,everyone loves her but she is a devil,ate up with narcissism, no idea what to do here either,best of luck to you ,I hope you find the answers new member badly need advice
Mar-04-14 15:09:31
Last post by: krewzn
Personality Disorders support forum for people with Personality Disorders or questions or concerns about Personality Disorders.

6 Topics

4 Replies

Hi, i used to have it pretty bad, but now take meds for it, and it's mostly gone...what else would you like to know? Hang in there Paranoid Personality Disorder
Apr-04-14 20:25:28
Last post by: passionsense
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Forum for open, honest discussion of relationship problems, questions and issues.

86 Topics

268 Replies

i'm 29 and i have goals one main goal is marraige but i can't find the right woman or they are not looking my way and i live in waterbury ct how can people like me overcome this? singleness
Apr-15-14 09:35:47
Last post by: terrex2004
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Self-injury support and discussion about managing self-injurious behaviors, self-injury treatment and other self-harm issues.

123 Topics

613 Replies

I'm so done. I made it almost 2 years without cutting. And last night, there I sat completely blindly finding something to self harm with. Anything would suffice. I was done pretending to be strong. Now, it's all I want to do. I want to... hrmp. i wanna quit.
Apr-22-14 21:40:16
Last post by: maylan22
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Support forum for open and honest discussion about sex, sexuality, sex problems and other sexual issues.

38 Topics

90 Replies

Apr-11-14 09:52:22
Last post by: UCRAZYGIRL

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