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When I began my website way back in 2008, I chose the title “Verbal Abuse Journals” because, somehow, the word Verbal seemed to soften up the word Abuse. Back then, to me, “Verbal Abuse” was the name of a band … Continue reading

I feel responsible for teaching my oldest son that it is all right to act out physically when things don’t go his way. I allowed him to watch his father and I perpetuate the cycle of violence in our home. … Continue reading

M’s Comment: …When I say…‘I am uncomfortable with that phrasing,’ … I am fine with explaining ‘That’s how I feel when I hear it’ [to own] my feelings [instead of labeling my children] etc. … But both my sons will then say … Continue reading

I feel ornery today. Woe to anyone who crosses me. You’ve been warned! During my marriage, I would have put on my boxing gloves on a day like today. I would check my s%*t-list, which always consisted of only my … Continue reading

I remember saying words to my ex-husband, Will, that didn’t help my abusive relationship or me at all. Will ignored them for the most part, but the tragedy is that I ignored them too. Here are the top five statements … Continue reading

I lived in an abusive relationship heart and soul for over 17 years. I’ve often wondered if the effects of abuse changed who I am permanently or temporarily. I run into trouble with this question because I was in the … Continue reading

Through much of our conversation together, we’ve discussed setting boundaries and telling your abuser what you will and won’t do when s/he behaves abusively. Today, I want you to realize that the words you speak are for you only. Your … Continue reading

Recently I received an email from a man who asked a very good question. He said, “A friend’s wife opened up to me about what I think is verbal abuse. She is talking about leaving him if things don’t change, … Continue reading

When I discovered the “problems” in my marriage were rooted in abuse, my very first emotion was relief. I felt relief because up until that moment of clarity, I thought that I was losing my mind. My husband almost had … Continue reading

You, the target of verbal abuse, have one mission in your efforts to end verbal abuse: keep your emotions in check. Your verbal abuser subscribes to the opposite mission. Your abuser wants you to lose emotional control because when that … Continue reading