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The cycle of violence and abuse typically consists of three phases: tension-building, abuse, and honeymoon. The first two phases describe themselves and the honeymoon phase occurs after the abuse and gives the abuser a chance to beg the victim’s forgiveness … Continue reading

Over all, coming out of my abusive marriage has been a wonderful, empowering experience. However, not everything in my recovery from domestic abuse has gone as planned. Some things have been downright crappy and this year, crappy is beginning to … Continue reading

It’s been a month since my last post; I’m trying hard not to feel guilty about that. I am consoled that there are at minimum a hundred other posts I’ve written about abuse that you could revisit, but worried that … Continue reading

Continued From The Fairy-Tale Beginning Storytellers leave out the middle portion of our fairy-tale because it occurs behind palace walls, secreted away from the prying eyes of peasants. The princess, swept off her feet, rides into the sunset with our … Continue reading

Many abuse victims suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), me included. The other day while writing the post about my ex’s abusive anger, I had to take an hour break before I could finish writing. My body reacted the same … Continue reading

Yesterday, Andi commented on Victims Think They May Be The Abuser. Andi said: “…I reached the point where I feared that the emotional / verbal abuse was going to move towards physical abuse. It has been a long time since … Continue reading

Once upon a time, I didn’t realize my ex was abusive. There were many reasons and excuses for deluding myself into thinking the problem was a relationship issue, and that we were equally at fault for the trouble in the … Continue reading

What is the process by which someone becomes an abuse victim? What part do abuse victims play in the abusive cycle? Those questions leave me wanting an easy answer so I can wrap up my abusive experience in a neat … Continue reading

Abusers who have not yet turned to physical violence could be “time bombs” with fuses of unknown length. If your abuser feels that his “normal” verbally abusive techniques are not working, he will probably move into physical abuse to maintain … Continue reading

I remember crawling into my soft bed, fan blowing softly but enough that I tucked my hair behind my ear to keep it from tickling my nose. The covers were heavy, cool with a hint of Downy April Fresh; my … Continue reading