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Some people who find themselves dealing with a mental illness or the illness of a loved one eventually come to a point where they want to pitch in and help the mental health community. Mental health advocacy can feel like … Continue reading

I was reading one of the self-injury conference transcripts on HealthyPlace.com about getting help for self-harm.  In it, Dr. Sharon Farber, therapist and author of When The Body Is The Target: Self-Harm, Pain and Traumatic Attachments, discusses her belief that … Continue reading

Written by Christie, guest on the February 10, 2010 show on self-injury. I began self-injuring at age 13, after I felt like I wasn’t understood by anyone and fell into a deep depression. Fights with my parents, having a hard … Continue reading

Imagine being a cutter, self-injurer, for many years. Wanting to stop, even stopping off-and-on, but always returning to it. Our HealthyPlace TV Show, this coming Tuesday, March 10, is titled: “I am a self-injurer and I cannot stop.” Our guest … Continue reading