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Often, we tend to focus on the negative aspects of having an eating disorder or other mental illness. It (almost) destroyed my career. My relationships. My marriage. My life. All of this is true. I am still rebuilding the trust … Continue reading

A few weeks ago, I gave away the last of my “anorexic” clothing. The clothing that was too young. Too short. Too…anorexic. I mean, a micro-miniskirt on a forty-six-year-old? Seriously? I feel myself becoming more free each day.

Things have been stressful for me lately, so I decided to take a mini-vacation and stay at my sister’s — about two hours away from my home — for the weekend. I visited with her and her husband before they … Continue reading

Recovery from an eating disorder can be all-consuming at times. In this video, I talk about how you can and should balance recovery with real-life activities and how that balance can ultimately help you in your recovery from an eating … Continue reading

I recently learned that several friends of mine also are struggling with their eating disorders, and that it hurts even though I also have an eating disorder.