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Safe coping skills in eating disorder recovery are so important. Having an eating disorder can feel like walking around in a black hole, lost and in darkness. As we all know, simply stopping the disorder doesn’t happen overnight. In recovery, … Continue reading

There are many triggers in eating disorder recovery. Two common themes for those with eating disorders are a repulsion of fat and negative or distorted body image. Recovery includes adjusting our thoughts and feelings around these two, in spite of eating … Continue reading

Some of us believe eating disorder lies. A teacher of mine likes to say that we all have an 18-year internship. That internship teaches us the models from which we view the world. These models of relationship, love, family, connection, … Continue reading

National Eating Disorders Week 2015 officially runs from February 22-28. I think that sometimes it is easy to blow this week off every year, because the reality is that we are at a point (at least in the United States), … Continue reading

Not a day goes by without me feeling grateful about being able to share with you on this blog my lived experience with an eating disorder. The concept of giving back to others who stand where I once stood makes … Continue reading

Very often, I’ll come across guidelines explaining or offering guidance on what to say or not to say to someone suffering from an eating disorder. Though these guidelines are useful and important in order to give those who are not … Continue reading

Every day, I make small choices which greatly impact the maintenance of my bulimia recovery. One of these choices starts with thinking ahead in the morning on the meals I plan to have throughout the day; while another is being … Continue reading

Having a list (or shoebox) full of coping skills is awesome — if it’s nearby when an urge strikes. So what happens when you’re driving home after work? Or hanging out at the mall killing time? Those coping skills you … Continue reading

I’m a foodie! I love food and I love cookbooks. I love my kitchen. Also, preparing food for the people I love knows no bounds! Let’s pause for a second….I’ve also recovered from bulimia.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the turning points I experienced in my eating disorder recovery, over the past 5 years. Ironically, one of the major breakthroughs I recently had, happened just this past Spring. I find it ironic, because up … Continue reading