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This topic came to me at a rather ridiculous time—though this is often the case and I am usually somewhere without a pen!—when putting on mascara. Ah, yes. The best ideas plant themselves in my often scattered brain when I … Continue reading

Receiving the diagnosis of mental illness is frightening and the process we take to recover can feel impossible. Add in a little–or a lot–of stress and what feels impossible can become impossible. This is why it`s important to recognize the … Continue reading

I had a tough year.  I typically have a lower mood once October kicks me in the ass, but this year was worse. I watched seven seasons of Lost in one month–granted I had never seen it before. But still! … Continue reading

I am certain I have focused on this topic before–in some way or in another. It’s an issue that deserves attention. A good relationship with our psychiatrist is an important part of recovery from mental illness.

Three. Three? I am currently asking myself this. Perhaps 100 reasons is more realistic? That sounds about right but that would be like reading a bad romance novel. That said, I want to focus on three of the biggest reasons … Continue reading

Let me preface this post by telling you that when you live with a mental illness you know why it’s so hard. It can feel impossible. But have you ever sat down and really thought about it? Thinking about things, … Continue reading

This morning, coffee in hand, I tried to think of a topic that might be a little bit easy to write. It’s one of those days. And then this idea springs from somewhere in my mind that is clearly more … Continue reading

This post was derived from a couple of different sources. One, a few insightful comments readers made on why living with a mental illness makes us exhausted. This post focused on a few of the reasons why mental illness can … Continue reading

Things are changing in the world of mental health. This blog will focus on one of these changes: The average age of diagnosis. Yes, this might seem like a boring topic but I’ll work to make it interesting because it’s … Continue reading

When I think of the word ‘help,’ I oddly picture a scene from that TV show Lost, circa 2006. Someone is in a raft, half underwater, screaming for help. And then I realize how jaded the media has made me. … Continue reading