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Last week, I wrote a blog focusing on the connection between mental illness and addiction. I defined “dual diagnosis,” a term focusing on a person living with a mental illness and an alcohol or drug problem. In this post, let’s … Continue reading

Mental illness is a difficult thing to live with. Sometimes, it feels impossible. To make things even more complicated, the diagnosis of mental illness often comes with “dual diagnosis”, a fancy term for  living with more than one illness. Part … Continue reading

Limitations. Limitations. Limitations…? Yes, like any other chronic disease, physical or mental, when you live with a mental illness you have limitations. Limitations you can work to control. Defining Limitations and Mental Illness

Living with a mental illness often involves certain things–particularly if you’re not stable: More time in bed, closed blinds, not enough food in your fridge or too much “bad” food in your cupboard. Isolating yourself. Creating a negative environment. When … Continue reading

First, let’s define empathy on a basic level. According to the Mecca known as Wikipedia: “Empathy is an ability with many different definitions…ranging from caring for other people and having a desire to help them, to experiencing emotions that match … Continue reading

I like the topic of the post–although I do not like living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It’s something I have not written about in previous posts, so let’s talk about it. What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? has a … Continue reading

I was sitting on my patio about an hour ago. I live across the road from an elementary school. Children were doing what they do best: Screaming and throwing things. Ruining my first coffee.

I have touched on the topic of taking psychiatric medication forever in a previous post but it deserves more attention. It’s a complex topic and something we all think about when diagnosed with a mental illness. My Experience Taking Psychiatric … Continue reading

The first thing that comes to my mind? “Just Do It!” Yes, that horrible Nike campaign.

I am twenty-seven years old as I write these words. I own my own home and I have a dog I adore. I cook and I clean and I talk to my family on a regular basis.