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You’re only human. As I watched one of my favorite television shows, Dancing with the Stars, I was reminded of this – I’m only human. The song, Human, written by Christina Perri & Martin Johnson, touched my heart from the … Continue reading

Parenting is a tough job. Tough enough to get you thinking. While talking with some friends today, I reflected on my parenting style today and when I first started out. I surprised myself when I shared how different my parenting … Continue reading

There is no such thing as a perfect parent, but there are imperfect parents everywhere. I’m one of them. It is amazing how much I expect to be a great parent, not a perfect one, but a great one. Especially … Continue reading

There’s always tomorrow. After some tough days at work, I often find myself worrying about what I could have done better. Same thing goes for parenting. Some days I really mess up with Bob. It could be in the way … Continue reading

Self-Care is all about doing good things for yourself. Having Fun is what summertime is all about. But, parenting a child with mental illness doesn’t leave much room for fun. So you have to make room for it. Just as … Continue reading

Self-Care. I’ve been sharing my perspective on self-care for parents with a child diagnosed with mental illness for a few months now. So many of the parents I work with don’t practice good self-care. It is probably the last thing … Continue reading

It’s dark when I pull into the parking lot. I’m nervous–will he have what I need? Will the price have gone up? What if I can’t get it? How will I get through tomorrow–the next day, the day after that–if … Continue reading

Generally speaking, I avoid public discussion of religion and politics. Not because I fear offending someone (I do that just about every time I open my mouth), but because such conversations usually irritate me to the point of pulling out … Continue reading

Years ago, as a Girl Scout, I went camping at a theme park set in the “old west.” One of the attractions was a candy store that made fresh saltwater taffy. We got to watch as a huge batch of … Continue reading

Sometimes, my frustration at Bob gets the better of me, and I hit him. Or pull his hair, or pinch him, or kick him, or any of a number of physically abusive gestures. Fortunately, he’s usually asleep during these attacks–and … Continue reading