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All good things must come to an end, according to the sage of old, but did you know this also applies to bad things? That’s right! Here’s the shocker; when it comes time to bid a fond adieu to your … Continue reading

Today, Funny In The Head is taking a break from the usual frivolity to help my dear friends at HealthyPlace roll out their “Stand Up For Mental Health” campaign. I believe this subject is absolutely essential to all of us … Continue reading

“What I find most annoying about self-absorbed narcissists is they don’t spend nearly enough time thinking about me.” Taz Mopula In the fascinating world of mental illness and mental health one can always fan the flames of debate by throwing … Continue reading

“How drunk do you have to be before cutting your own hair starts to seem like a good idea?” Taz Mopula Long ago, I had a hypothetical girlfriend we’ll call Prunella Entwhistle. Indeed, it was so long ago I was … Continue reading