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In a surprise move certain to send shockwaves through both sporting and psychiatric communities, the American Whackadoomious Association (AWA) has declared it no longer recognizes ice fishing as a sport and has officially designated it a form of mental illness. … Continue reading

Branding has never been more popular in mainstream American culture. Roughly speaking, a brand is the idea a prospect has of a given company. When I say NFL, you conjure up a host of opinions and preconceptions. The NFL is … Continue reading

I hope you’ll stop me if you’ve heard this story before. It might be true, then again it might not be. I am, as you are almost certainly aware, in the habit of making things up. Like so many people … Continue reading

Of all the months, January surely lays claim to the title of, “redheaded stepchild”. Is there any month with such an image problem? The icicles which only weeks ago seemed to twinkle magically in expectation of fun, food, festivities, frivolity, … Continue reading

One of the consolations of age is the transformation of one’s relationship with time. As a young man, I agonized endlessly about the future, speculating and puzzling over a never-ending succession of questions. Would it arrive on time? Would there … Continue reading

Well it’s that time again; time to wish Funny In The Head readers a Happy New Year. But before we go any further, let us concede quickly that this familiar, comforting phrase means different things to different people, indeed, it … Continue reading

Much can be learned about a society by looking at its mythology. Had we time and inclination, we might consider the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Jolly Green Giant, and even Mickey Mouse with an eye to discovering what they reveal … Continue reading

For reasons we might want to explore at some other time, I spent over 30 years toiling in the corporate vineyards as an advertising copywriter – an occupation which enjoys a level of social prestige roughly equivalent to that of … Continue reading

Thanksgiving means different things to different groups, all protestations notwithstanding. For Native Americans it is a reminder that simple acts of generosity can result in the loss of a homeland. For turkeys it is an opportunity to sacrifice in service … Continue reading

Since slightly before the dawn of time man has set his gaze on the immensity of space and wondered this – given the billions and billions of tiny dots out there, which are probably quite similar to the thing upon … Continue reading