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“What I find most annoying about self-absorbed narcissists is they don’t spend nearly enough time thinking about me.” Taz Mopula In the fascinating world of mental illness and mental health one can always fan the flames of debate by throwing … Continue reading

“Everything happens for a reason; often it’s a very bad reason.” Taz Mopula Lord Chumley Frampton, Dean of Statistical Analysis at Basingstoke University, stunned the mental health community recently by announcing that his team of researchers had located a quantifiable … Continue reading

“Sometimes it seems like the inmates are running the asylum. Then again, would a sane person want that job?” ~ Taz Mopula Most of us who wrestle with mental health issues must also deal with feelings of low self-esteem. Knowing … Continue reading

“Driving with your eyes closed doesn’t actually make you invisible; but it might as well.” Taz Mopula It is widely understood that, to legally operate an automobile in the United States, one must possess a valid driver’s license. It is … Continue reading

“If you need brain surgery it’s almost always a good idea to involve other people.” Taz Mopula The first time I heard the term “self-medication” I laughed out loud. In searching for an analogy one thinks immediately of the old … Continue reading

Feelings Swamp is a children’s program hosted by Gator Al. In this week’s episode Gator Al welcomes special guest alligator Gladys, and the two of them discuss how the use of “weasel words” often makes it difficult to process emotions … Continue reading

“It’s not so much what you wear out that matters most but who.” Taz Mopula How many times have you found yourself in this all-too-familiar predicament? You’re handcuffed and sitting in the back of a police car, on your way … Continue reading