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When your son or daughter has been diagnosed with anorexia or bulimia or another eating disorder your job description gets a lot longer: now you are a nurse, a researcher, a record-keeper, a team leader, a cheerleader, the chauffeur, and … Continue reading

It sounds like a reasonable question: “What is your ideal body weight?” But beware: this is a technical term that is often confused for what it sounds like: an aesthetic ideal.

Admittedly, not everyone in the eating disorders world agrees on everything. In fact, I wonder how many fields have as much internal dissent and such a lack of common ground? We don’t agree on cause, treatment, or even how to … Continue reading

The public doesn’t need help describing anorexia and bulimia and other eating disorders. Ask most people “What is anorexia?” and they’ll have an answer, an opinion, and a list of people they know who have it. We can define it, but unfortunately … Continue reading

Eating Disorder Video Many books I find helpful in dealing with eating disorders aren’t about eating disorders? Watch this eating disorder video on the Eating Disorder Recovery blog.

I’ve noticed that parents react to a child’s eating disorder diagnosis with a range of emotions: fear, anger, annoyance, optimism, hope, even humor. Unfortunately, mothers and fathers don’t usually respond with the same emotion at the same time. One parent’s fear can … Continue reading