Negative Thoughts Triggering Depression? Consider the Source

not listening

not listening

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3 Responses to not listening

  1. Claire Prince says:

    Why i become a blonde I don’t know, when people get battered by their parents they will end up with this fucker called depression. I cant find any love of anyone….good at pushing everyone away…..even the mental health have gone. oh and p’s my family couldn’t care. they don’t watch me with food (not eating again) and i had to battle to get back in my home after an overdose. My tears don’t stop flowing and it looks like they will only carry on till i find some love of people i know and love
    why does no one care? i dont understand that…. i became a Queens Guide and no one actually cared about me….i was running three groups for that movement and i didnt get even get a card to say goodbye…..think they loved me!!!!

  2. Claire Prince says:

    im back….forget to tell you i didnt stop getting raped. was in a house on chains when i was younger and i got it in Alder Hay when i was getting my neck done, nicola’s not my real mum and she thought could do what she wanted to me.
    rapes, while being battered and no friends is just HELL….stopped eating again. when im seeing more abuse next door the lights will only go out
    tell em i loved them all, but got to go. good luck with your lives. i feel like im down below and i’ll rot. see ya :P
    Claire xxx

  3. jo saward says:

    Hi claire, I just want to give you a huge big hug and look after you. I am a long time sufferer of depression, I have no friends to talk too, I feel nobody listens to me or understands what im trying to say. I feel sometimes I am finally coming through the other side when something/one puts me back. I am feeling your pain so deeply I want to help share it. Big hugs.x

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