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I deal with suicide a lot in my writings. I’ve talked about people who have just attempted suicide, those left behind by suicide and the family and friends of those who have attempted suicide, among many other subjects. That’s because … Continue reading

Since I’ve started writing for HealthyPlace I’ve learned a lot about what you’re not supposed to say about mental illness. Some classics are the word “crazy” and not referring to oneself as “bipolar” directly. In other words, I’m not allowed … Continue reading

Last week, I wrote a post stating that “Natasha Tracy” is my nom de plume – it is my writing name and not my legal name. Some people showed concern over this and felt it was inconsistent with my convictions … Continue reading

I write an obscene amount. Here, plus my blog plus I write for other blogs and do technical articles. Oh, and I’m working on a book. This is very difficult though as I’ve found that a highly symptomatic bipolar brain … Continue reading

If you follow me here, or particularly elsewhere, you might have noticed there are some very vocal people who hate me. Mental illness is contentious, and some people take it to a personal level. That’s people for you. Sometimes I … Continue reading

Many sites on the internet dedicate themselves to serving up health information, but you should always question the source of that information.

My brain is a finite resource. Well, the grey, gooey thing in the skull is finite for everyone. But my brain’s ability to think reasonably is a finite resource. When I write it thinks, thinks, thinks, and then there is … Continue reading

I am a word-fetishist. I adore words. They are my playthings. They are my blankies. I generally mold them, shape them and occasionally break them at my leisure. But I also respect words. I respect their meaning and their use … Continue reading

Normally I try to grab the reader’s attention in the first few lines of the piece so that you’ll want to read the rest. Something snappy, touching or pithy. Normally I try to make sure it’s an interesting subject. Usually … Continue reading

Here I am. Writing. In public. About being crazy. Here I am. Being crazy. In public. Under scrutiny. I’ve been writing about being bipolar for seven years now, in a very closed, anonymous environment. People didn’t know my name, or … Continue reading