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Earlier this week I wrote a piece about being scared of trying antidepressants and as one commenter pointed out, there are increased risks associated with treating a person with bipolar with antidepressants. In fact, some would say that treating a … Continue reading

I remember, before trying medication, I was terrified of it. I had the same misconceptions that many people do: Medication is for weak people Antidepressants are just “happy drugs” designed for people who can’t handle life Medication will ruin your … Continue reading

In my last post I talked about what it is to be an e-patient. These are the people who are engaged in their own healthcare – they are empowered patients. But if your relationship with your doctor is more passive, … Continue reading

Have you heard of the e-patient? If not, it’s OK, I hadn’t heard of them up until about a year ago either. And quite frankly, once I did hear the term, no one really explained it to me so I … Continue reading

Mental illness symptoms are as cold and generic as inhumanly possible. “Depressed mood.” “Loss of energy or fatigue.” “Psychomotor retardation or agitation.” Ah, yes, those things. They sound like a bummer. Although, actually, they don’t. They sound like characteristics of … Continue reading

Recently, someone who was new to the world of bipolar disorder asked me if there was a cure for bipolar disorder or if he had to live like this forever. I had to, of course, tell him there is no … Continue reading

I have said to people many times – your psychiatrist works for you. You pay the psychiatrist. They are your employee. That means you’re the one who decides if they are hired or fired. But choosing a psychiatrist is no … Continue reading

I’ve seen quite a few doctors and I’ve talked to quite a few people who’ve seen quite a few doctors and one thing that constantly comes up – and decreases patient care – is a negative relationship between patients and … Continue reading

Doctors should take every patient seriously, but they don’t. How can you get your doctor to take you seriously? Lets start with this recent comment (edited for length): I have a masters degree in pharmaceutical science and have worked with … Continue reading

I have trust issues, but then, I think everyone does. We all grow up with people disappointing us and breaking our trust. It’s just a part of becoming an adult. But unfortunately, all relationships are based on trust, and this … Continue reading