Love and Fear: The Only Two Emotions Video

Love and fear are the only two emotions we have. What would life be like if you let go of fear and embraced love? Watch this.

We often hear that love and fear are the only emotions. Do you believe this?  I do.  Watch the following video as I explain how everything can be unpacked to reveal that love and fear are the only emotions, and how to stay in love rather than fear by being in the present moment.

Tell me your thoughts in the comments, please.

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8 Responses to Love and Fear: The Only Two Emotions Video

  1. sandy d. says:

    Beautifully explained…the difficulties of letting go of the fear, to embrace the love, are so monumental at times…I think I understand what you are saying, however…As always, I so appreciate your beautiful words and spirit…

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  3. When you think of it in that boiled down way, it makes it a whole lot easier to consider how you can change your feelings and move from a place of fear to love. Great vlog, Jodi!

  4. Monica says:

    Jodi, What a beautiful explanation. I had not heard this before, but you state the case for it quite clearly and I can’t help but believe it, too. Yes, I can look back on my life and see many actions that I took in my life, particularly around my divorce, were out of fear. Fear of being alone. (PS: You have such a pretty voice.)

  5. Nick says:

    I have to agree with you Jodi. Every emotion is based in either fear or love. Being present in the moment, not dreading the future or feeling guilty of the past. Just embracing, accepting, and loving the moment! Thanks

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