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Both those who engage in self injury and those who do not may want to look at self harm pictures. For those who engage in this sort of behavior, the pictures may intensify or trigger their compulsion to cut, burn, or otherwise inflict injury upon themselves. Other people may view self mutilation pictures in an attempt to understand why teens and others self-injure or even for research purposes.

Self Harm Pictures Can Be Triggering

Things that trigger teens, young adults and adults to self harm vary by individual, but viewing other peoples' photos of self injury represents one of the most common triggers. These self harm images may dredge up memories of past self harming sessions, guilt, self loathing, and other negative thought patterns that make people feel compelled to self injure again.

Imagine having such overwhelming feelings of guilt, sadness, emptiness, self-hate, and rage that you don't know how to cope with it. Some people engage in self injuring activities like cutting to help themselves cope with these feelings. If you're like the majority of self injurers, you keep your self-harm activities a secret and you feel you have no other choice. Maybe you tell yourself, "This is the last time," or "I can stop whenever I want," or "I'm in total control over this". But the truth is, each time you say those things, you do it again in an attempt to obtain the temporary relief it gives you.

In other words, it's a means of escape and possibly even provides a false feeling of deliverance from traumatic childhood experiences, such as sexual abuse or violence.

If you're interested in seeing actual self injury pictures, there are several below. Self mutilation photos may not be suitable for certain vulnerable individuals. Please consider this before viewing them.

Self harm pictures and why people want to look at self mutilation pictures and self injury photos. Read why self harm images trigger people to inflict self harm.

Some self-injurers carve words or pictures on their body parts

In this self-harm photo, a girl with anorexia also engages in self harm by banging and bruising parts of her body

This self-harm photo is a male arm with multiple deep cigarette burns in it.

Self people self injure by purposefully shoving needles or other sharp objects under their skin. Here's a hand x-ray with an embedded object near the wrist

As these self-harm pictures and photos indicate, there are many ways to self-harm. Where do self-injurers come up with some of these ideas? Sometimes from pro self-injury websites or they are "inspired" by movies about self-injury or celebrities who self-harm.

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